You Can Still Find True Love Even As A Rich Person

Do you remember those days while you were in high school? When the only definition of love you had was the one between Cinderella and the handsome prince.

Falling in love and finding the right person was never something we ever thought we would be stressed or confused about. We were just to wait for the right time.

If you were like me, you would recall crying throughout the lesson in class simply because you were asked to sit with a boy. At that time, it was embarrassing because I just wasn’t ready.

Eventually, we came to terms with the attraction we felt towards the opposite sex but tried so hard to hide it.   The first time I shook hands with a boy I felt as though I had committed the worst sin. I prayed to be forgiven but the guilt didn’t leave me for days.

We always denied we felt anything when we accept other people but were honest enough to admit it to ourselves. There was something extraordinary drawing us to a particular person.

As teenagers growing up, we had it right! Though we didn’t quite understand what we felt, we didn’t have to lie about it to ourselves about it. Love was a pull on that single person. It didn’t matter who they were or what their families were known for. We cared about them regardless.

Those were the good old days.

Love was a perfect mystery. Something we looked forward to every day. The girls pretended to be mothers while the boys pretended to be fathers. We loved the idea of having happy families someday just like Mom and Dad. But somewhere along the line, we realized love wasn’t so simple after all.

As we grew older, we went in search of more fair skin and bigger hips. We forfeited honesty and tender care and patience. We forgot how to trust.

As we advanced in knowledge we began to depend on the blogs and the love doctors to tell us who to love rather than giving the actual people a chance to love us.

As our wealth increased, we saw more options. So rather than sticking to what you have always dreamed of as a child, you let the society tell you who you should be with as a rich person.


So maybe the real problem isn’t the lies he or she tells just to get your credit card for a shopping spree. The real problem is the lies you tell yourself. You knew very well, she would never understand you but you had to love her because she looked spectacular in a red dress and 6-inch heels.

All that matters isn’t the outward presentation. Your heart matters a lot too.

I can’t conclude that this is a situation peculiar to every rich person but I can say for a fact that I know and have come across many rich people who find everything else except love.

There is always this concern or worry. What if the person is only after your money and not really into you? After the first and second attempts, most people just give up.

That shouldn’t be the case for you. Love isn’t supposed to be that complicated. It is not a contest to be won.

I don’t care what anybody says, you can still find true love even with all that money and it is so simple.

Go back to being that teenager

You can do it. That teenager who knew exactly what he or she wanted is still inside you somewhere. You just need to shut your ears and believe in yourself to make the right decision in picking who you should love. Forget about all the arts and science and focus only on that person that makes you happy.

You know exactly where to look!