Sooner or Later It All Gets To You

You start understanding, it becomes clearer. You become smarter, perhaps after a few failed attempts or trying to attain the goals you have always wanted. You simply start getting it. You simply start knowing that the world doesn’t owe you anything. The man or the woman you loved doesn’t owe you anything.

You will have to let some things go

You can’t carry so much anyways. Life is short and there is not so much energy you have to expend. It comes down to how much you can manage the resources you have and maximize them. Yes, it may hurt but you will have to let some things go.

You owe yourself to be happy

You start understanding how it works. That it up to you to be fulfilled. That it is up to you to reach the goals you desire. And perhaps not a lot of people are even interested in your big dreams or goals. It is simply a reality check.

You owe yourself beauty

It is not about how much cash you have in the bank. A lot of people have a lot of money and are miserable. It is now about money. You owe yourself a great life, and this goes beyond money.

You understand responsibility

You understand that to get all you want you have to be responsible. You understand that you have to stop blaming others or pointing fingers for your misfortune. If you want to attain so much more you have to step up and be responsible for your actions.

You will meet misfortunes

Life is a whirlwind. A lot of things comes with that wind you know. You will meet misfortunes just as you will meet luck and fortunes. Some meet more fortunes than others, perhaps they are better positioned. However you will meet the good and the bad. But what is sweet without bitter? What is the day without the night? Swallow both pills of horror and pleasant with the same attitude. It sure does help.

Not everything is as bad as it seems

This is where many people get it wrong. They are always caught in the moment. They are always caught in the present. They think it is all about now. And that is not how the world operates. What happens in the moment could be altered and define a glorious future. Time has a way of fixing and healing everything. You are the one with pessimism, you are the one with a fixed mindset rather than a growth mindset. Sure not everything is as bad as it seems. You will learn, you will grow, you will understand and appreciate.

You define what you want

We are all unique. What applies to one person doesn’t have to be for another person. We are all unique, different and distinctive. This is good, because the world should be a place for all sorts. If not it will just be a boring place. At the long run, you have to know yourself and know what you want. It is up to you to make the life you want and it all starts with knowing what you want.

Keep going

Don’t stop. Don’t look back. Keep walking. Thrive and survive. Ultimately the challenges and experiences you face will define you. It will explain your decisions and desires. It will help you figure it out and make a beauty out of what you have.