The Only Reason You Are Not Happy Is Because You Are Afraid To Be

We come across a lot of sad people. We feel that it’s normal. However, what we fail to understand is every second of our existence, our minds and bodies crave the thrill that only pure happiness can bring.

We are afraid to admit to the world the very things that make us happy because the world labels it differently. We hide in our identities as though that is all we have. But we know deep down that can’t change the facts; we are who we are and what makes us happy will always attract us whether the people around us accept those things or not.

We only want to be with the people that make us happy and fly like the wind but we often run away from them simply because the society has a problem with these. We could try, but we can’t change everyone’s perception. What we can change though is how much we care what people think.

We have to understand that the society we live in is out to get us with its rules and laws and only those who are able to rise above such standards experience true happiness.

It is ours to have our passion, not our parents, not the worlds, ours alone and it is the greatest gift!

The society limits us, it cages us with expectations, definitions to right and wrongs and because we only live to be accepted we forfeit the only thing that makes life worth living-our happiness! We pay a price more than we can afford.

So the numbers of people dying in misery increases by the day. Because when we felt that thrill, that absolute joy and fulfillment for a split second, we didn’t feel we deserved it. So we went back and convinced ourselves that it was unreal and we needed to get back to what was real- the sadness and the constant settling.

Happiness has become an abnormality but in the real sense, that was how our life was meant to be. It was meant to be exciting every passing second.

No rules, no laws, no routines just us living on our terms; strange, but it is possible.

It is in that state of mind that everything falls into place and your very being is freed.

You need to ask yourself who defines you; does the society dictate how you should talk and how you should love? Do they say what hours you should work and when you should be asleep? Does your society say what is real and what isn’t?

It’s pretty simple why very few people stand out because rather than being who we really are, we are busy trying so hard to fit in. Everybody struggling so hard to do right by everyone else but themselves.

It is a system we are born into, you are not as happy as you ought to be because the mere thought of living that way irritates the next person and because you only want to live in peace, you let go.

You are called inconsiderate because you refuse to allow anything stand in the way so here’s the ugly truth if you must live up to your own expectations, you will have to fail woefully in meeting the expectations of the society. You cannot afford to be in the shadows your whole life.

The only reason why you are not happy is not that of your finances, of course the rich have more options than the poor but that’s not the reason. It doesn’t matter where you are or how much you have, you can be very happy if you are willing to make the choice.

The real reason you are unhappy is that you are scared of being the odd one out!