To The One Who Never Stayed

I needed you. I needed to be strong. I needed to find myself. I needed to define my journey. Trust me, going on that journey without you was hard.

It was hurting that you didn’t see the big picture. It hurt me that you worked hard to break that positive drive in me with your negative comments. It was hard to leave because I had to set things right without you. I had to leave and walk away from toxic relationships.

But it made me stronger

It made me understand the realities and ugliness of the world. It made me listen to myself more. It made me start asking the right questions. Like what are those things I needed to make my dreams come true. Of course you must have forgotten that I could make something out of the pieces the world gave me. This is why I am tough. This is why I know I won’t be relenting, not for anyone. Not for you.

And the world was always waiting

You may have given up on me. You could have ignored me as I walked out the door. You may have seen me as a loser. But the world was always waiting for me. The world actually waits for people like me. It actually waits for that person who can fight.

And now you are a hater

Yes you are now a hater because my success doesn’t sit well with you. You wanted me to always be petty. You wanted me to always be a beggar. You wanted me to always be cheap. But that is not what I wanted for myself. So really I don’t care if you are a hater, I just know that I would make so much difference without you.

It means I learned

Yes I learned, perhaps the hard way. But it was worth it. I learned that not everyone who is close to you wants the best for you. I learned that I could be better with or without you. I learned to fight for those things I wanted. And it didn’t matter if you stayed with me or not.

I would always find some other cheerleader

Even if you didn’t stay or never supported me, there were others who saw my strengths and abilities. There were others who cheered me on. I didn’t have to earn that support from you. There are always others out there who can identify the potential of others and grace them with support.

It is always about moving on

Now I know you are in the past. Although you wish the past was a part of your present, it doesn’t matter all. I will find a way. I will have to move on and reach greater heights without you.

I can laugh at your stupidity

I don’t take this too seriously. I just laugh at the past. We could have done more together. But it is your loss. It is not about vengeance. If it was about vengeance I wouldn’t be elated about my victories and successes if I was consumed about losing you.

It is about winning

On this journey, it is not about who stayed or didn’t. It is about pushing onward and being better. It is about winning and finding joy in my victories!