These 5 Rules Apply To Every Guy You Date Now

It’s almost like they are all acting based on a memo distributed to them or maybe their brains got formatted to one default setting. It’s crazy!

Young and old, rich and not so rich, there’s no difference and I’m not saying all these based on speculations. I’m talking based on facts. All men show the same signs when they are just with you temporarily, you don’t even have to be a very good observer to notice because these signs are so glaring.

I always say it’s best to be happy alone if you are not happy together but hey, it’s your choice after all.

So if you are reading this and you are in a relationship whether it’s open or closed, whether it just started or it has been in existence for long, being familiar with these rules will save you a lot of heartaches and unnecessary pain.

He will never have any regard for you if you have no principles

You can’t just be tossed back and forth because you are in a relationship; it makes no sense. Before you got involved with that person, you had values and you still hold on to them when in the relationship. Your relationship isn’t meant to change you, it is meant to improve you, make you the best person you can be with better principles and better standards.

No matter how much a person loves you, if he has no regard for who you are and the values you stand for, there is just no way you can work.

He will always do as he pleases

Forget the sweet talking and promises he makes when you are alone, underneath the sheets. That’s just the mood and the feel of the moment talking. The true emotions he has for you begin to manifest when he has to choose between you and his favourite hobby or sacrifice something he holds dear to his heart.

When you notice that you have complained repeatedly about a particular thing and there has been no improvement, he is simply telling you that you are not worth the bargain. A guy who is ready will forego anything for you without you asking, so quit making excuses for him.

He will never be available if you are not a priority

It’s a huge factory of excuses, they just keep coming none stop. Its work today, tomorrow it’s his dead mom, the next day it’s his pregnant dog and trust me you will believe them all.

It’s painful like super painful when you know this whole time he’s been lying but you believe it not because you can’t send him parking but because you really hope it will be alright eventually.

He will always keep you informed to avoid misunderstandings

There is no such thing as a terribly long day, so long that he could not afford to type a 10 seconds text message or call to cancel an appointment you had. Or to simply say he is going to be running late for the show you are supposed to see together.

These simple gestures are courtesy; things you do friends and strangers let alone someone you claim you love.

I’m just saying how hard can it get to avoid saying you are sorry? If he is really into you, it is actually very effortless.

He will be consistent and stable

I am not saying you won’t have challenging days in your relationship but you will be sure you have someone reliable to lean on. He will be there on the hot and cold days, even on the lukewarm days.

He won’t be perfect because there’s really  no perfect person but you will be convinced he is not going anywhere.