This Is For Those Who Fear The Unknown

There’s always something that appears so frightening even when we are sure we have made the right choices. Somehow anxiety creeps into our minds and we begin to feel nothing good is going to come out of this new relationship or this new job. We begin to retreat and if we are not careful, we may just run away from the best things that could ever happen to us.

We blame on everything available, from a bad weather or a pothole on the road to the people around us. We literally look at what we can apportion all the blames to so we can be justified for not being where we ought to be.

But the fact still remains that excuses are excuses. They are like foamy blocks; we can keep stepping on them but we won’t make any process.

Being uncertain isn’t meant to scare you away, it is meant to increase your excitement and anticipation for what is going to happen next!

Nobody has it easy and that’s a fact. People wake up and put their selves together, put a smile on their faces and look ahead for a better day. It is easier to handle life when you take one day at a time rather than taking one giant leap and jumping to negative conclusions.

We plan and get prepared but that planning and preparedness don’t completely eliminate unforeseen circumstances. So instead of being so anxious, we always hope for the best that way when the worst happens we pick ourselves up again. We don’t sit on the ground and pretend it is all over.

You need to find the survival instinct in you

Everyone has a survival instinct, maybe some people have developed theirs to a point where it feels easy for them but they weren’t born that way. They put in some effort to be that resilient and you can too.

You have to get to that point where you look at every single obstacle standing in the way of you being a happy person and refuse to retreat. You ought to be tired of just accepting everything that life throws at you. You need to start exploring your options because they are very much available and they are all yours to choose.

Don’t build your happiness on the outside

True happiness is that which is built on the inside. You control the source; no one can take the joy that comes from the inside no matter how hard they try.

Don’t build your happiness on the people around you no matter how close they are to you, people will always come and go. Don’t let your job or your achievements determine how happy you are because there will be times you will fail.

Build a happiness that explodes from inside you so when everything seems lost, you will find the courage to give life another shot.

Stop waiting for the past to return

The past is gone and so it has no influence on you anymore.  What you didn’t do well cannot be undone. You shouldn’t beat yourself forever. The past doesn’t control what happens next. Stop tying yourself to your past errors and misfortunes.

If any situation made you feel victimized in the past and you still live that way, you should know that it is no longer that awful situation standing in your way, it is you and nobody can make it better or worst except you. You have all the power, use it to your advantage.

You should be more grateful

Looking around you, you will realize that there is just so much to be grateful for that you are turning a blind eye to. Most times we love to take the victim’s position but it shouldn’t always be that way. There are a lot of people who wish they had what you have so it doesn’t matter where you are, you have a life that someone somewhere is dreaming of.