4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Panic When You Start Losing Friends

We live in a tough world and only people who are tough enough survive and grow.

Some people grow to an extent and stop. Others have the intention to grow, but they never get to experience what success really is. Sure, you are responsible for how far you come in life but the company you keep plays a significant role too.

You’ll agree with me when I say as you become more successful, you will tend to navigate towards a new company, most times you don’t even notice there’s a distance that’s gradually being created between your old company and you until your attention is drawn to it. No matter how hard you try things may never go back to the way they were, why? Because you have found more and you are unwilling to return to less.

There’s no way you can please everyone and that’s a fact, so if you are already losing some friends who you thought you will never live without, there’s no cause for alarm, it may be the best thing happening to you and this is why;

No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow – Alice Walker

There’s no way a person will be a friend and expect you to remain where you were without any improvement at any given time. A friend shouldn’t be intimidated by your dreams or be a hindrance to their actualization.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known each other, staying glued to such a person will only keep you comfortable when you ought to be spurred on to achieve more.

Some friends are only meant to teach certain lessons

People will surely leave but that shouldn’t be the end of your story, it should only end a chapter and begin a new one.

I once had a friend who asked for my help. He had some bills he needed to pay and he was having some financial crises so he asked if I could lend him some money. He, being a childhood friend which I had known for more than 13 years, it was really difficult to turn him down. I helped him but he never paid me back.

I later found out that he had no bill as he convinced me, he just needed some money to gamble and it was easy to lie to me since I always believed him. That incident taught me a lesson on trust. It taught me that not everyone could be trusted so I’m more careful.

I miss our friendship but I had to let him go.

Some friends do nothing but quit

Have you ever wondered why some of the people you started a particular project with never stayed around to the end? But they got back just in time to receive the credit and take pictures probably even holding the award at the closing ceremony?

Surprising, but it is true that certain people you call friends may not want to endure the obstacles but they always want to receive the praise for a job well-done.

As an achiever, you need a team of resilient people, tough people like you who will be willing to go to any length to achieve their goal. People who pick you up and encourage you to keep moving. You don’t want a stroll full of cry-babies and quitters who back out when the going gets tough.

If your dreams scare your friends, they will eventually leave you so you best are prepared for it.

Some friends will leave when they can’t feed off you

Once you begin to attain certain heights, the people around you begin to see you as a solution to all their problems and if you are not cautious, they will only feed off you like parasites and move to the next host when you run dry.

Your true friends will not suck you dry and disappear, but they will always appreciate the effort and contribute to making you bigger and better.