The Perfect Way to Let Things Go

Truthfully not everything works as planned. There will always be things to deal with and factors beyond our control. It is just an unfair reality. And it can hurt. But it does hurt to keep on trying when the odds and eventualities doesn’t seem to be in our favor.

Letting go is not an awful attempt if it is for the right reasons such as when things don’t give you the fulfillment you deserve. So that relationship may not be working out the way you want it, or your career may be offering more setbacks day after day. You can still salvage certain things if you can turn around and redirect things to favor you after all. Here is the perfect way to let things go.

Change your perspective

See every disappointment, discouragement, failure or setback as a blessing in disguise. Who know what doors would be open as a result of any misfortune?

Turn your disappointment into positive action

Take decisive steps in alleviating the condition. Do what is necessary to get into another ideal relationship or make calls to find new opportunities. There are always ways to recreate the future you desire.

Talk to someone

Let someone know how you feel. It could be your friend or family member, but talking about your negative feelings releases harmful chemicals and allows you to deal with stress better.

Find an outlet

Be distracted. Engage in something creative that would take your mind away from the past. It could be painting, singing or blogging. A creative outlet could be a visual reminder that makes you aware of how you have chosen to release negative feelings and take charge of your thoughts.

Be thankful

Gratitude helps you heal and helps you find out those things that made the past great! Sure there are things to be thankful for. You could write a list of accomplishments, even if they are small ones. Remind yourself of the self-satisfaction of what worked and made you excited in the past. You simply cannot be discontent. But you can show gratitude for the hard lessons, the joyful times, the experience gained, the relationships you discovered and more.

Be aware of the choices you now have

Moving forward there are only options, you can change the situation, remove yourself from the situation or accept it. You really don’t attain much when you hold on to bitterness or resentment. You become happier when you know you are in charge of how you respond after all.

Fall in love with yourself one more time

Appreciate your strengths and embrace your weakness. You would make mistakes, you would learn. But you are the one who would always look after you. So don’t beat yourself up. Loving yourself means you are willing to let go.

Visualize your life in ten, twenty years

Most of the things you are beating yourself about won’t really matter in the future. In the grand scheme of things many things you worry about now doesn’t really count.

Enjoy your association

There will still be those who you can feel comfortable telling your problems. There are those who would listen to you and won’t judge you. Perhaps it is time to embrace such relationships and enjoy the people in your life and how they can reshape your perspective.


This list is not exhaustive. You can always suggest some ways by commenting. Let us know what is your perfect way to let things go.