4 Positive Ways To Come To Terms With Your Mistakes

We’ve all made mistakes that is as real as it can get.

There were times we lied when we should have told the truth, we have cheated on the people we love and broken innocent hearts too, so when you feel that everybody is a saint except you, you should remember that it is not true.

Everyone you see who seems to have a perfect life had a trying time where they had to drop the awful ugly past and look ahead. Your mistakes are just part of your life’s package which isn’t meant to harm you but to make you all you want to be.

The next time you take a wrong turn or make a bad decision and you feel like you can’t breathe through it, here’s what you should do.

Come clean and take your blame

The very time you let out everything you have been hiding, you let down the burden of guilt; the panic and the anxiety you had to carry. That very moment the process of forgiveness begins for you and the people around you. Taking your blame proves you are sensible and you are willing to do whatever it takes to restore what you have lost.

What’s most important is the fact that you are a good person with good intentions and you can always do better. You should focus more on that and believe that you still have time to do the best you can.


Learn from your mistakes instead of denying them

This is usually the hardest thing to do especially when you have yourself to blame. You wish you had just turned around and left, you wish you were not so upset or reckless. There’s just no way to do away with past mistakes, even after you’ve forgiven yourself, you may have a tough time coming to terms with your past.

You wish you are not the cause of your own undoing, but all these are wishes, it’s best to accept what you can’t change instead of trying to pretend or deny what is happening to you. You could try but that will be running away from what is already waiting for you at your destination. You have to remember that the earlier you learn your lessons, the sooner you move on with your life.

Allow yourself to be washed clean

I know it is particularly tricky to be grateful for anything you have when you feel angry about everything you are going through at the same time.

The only way this cleansing process is made possible is through gratitude, a deep sense of appreciation for what you already have. Those things your mistakes haven’t cost you.

The truth still remains that you are still loved so much despite all the times you think you messed up. Substitute those sappy thoughts with those of gratitude and experience the joy that comes washing over you. It is the most refreshing feeling.

Don’t stop the recovery process.

Self-blame is always worth tackling when you start being pessimistic about certain lapses in your life.  When you can’t come to terms with one mistake; it makes a chain of smaller mistakes unending. That’s the reason why your recovery process has to be continual anytime you realize you’ve taken a wrong turn.

So many people have a hard time-fighting self-condemnation because they’ve done something they feel was too wrong and the guilt was so much that they have convinced themselves that there were no reparation or second chances for them.

You have to always remind yourself that your actions don’t define you, you need a positive closure. A better future awaits you, that’s where you focus should be.