Here’s How To Keep Your Head Above The Waters

It’s February, already the second month of this fabulous year and I am super excited because there’s so much to be done and so many opportunities to explore.

Life could get hard especially for people like you who want results because you will face certain high hurdles and challenges.  You can’t run away from them but one thing is sure, whenever you rise above those hurdles, your rewards are limitless.

Remember life is all about winning

I wouldn’t know your perspective on life but I can assure you that it can only get better if you let it. Anytime you get to a point where you feel backed up against the wall and exhausted, that is the very point you need to take a deep breath, relax and give in your best shot.

Never give up when everything and everyone around you expect you to. That will be a tragedy because all you have invested becomes a waste when you don’t have results.

Let your challenges propel you

Fear is like water, if you allow it, it will take you under and since you can only tread water for so long, it won’t be long before you get exhausted.

Staying strong and forging ahead in life is almost like taking a swimming lesson.

Your fears and insecurities are the water you are trying so hard to suppress but the harder to try, the more difficult it gets. This is simply because your challenges are meant to be used as tools not to be seen obstacles.

Your challenges are not meant to be suppressed, you are meant to take them and use them to get to where you want. Just like a professional swimmer, stroke after stroke, he takes what’s in front of him each time and pushes it behind him, letting it propel him towards his goal.

Maybe you will need to take a swimming lesson too in order to change your outlook. The moment you start perceiving certain hurdles as just tools meant to aid your achievements, success becomes more attainable.

Don’t forget to keep your passion alive

It’s important to constantly remind yourself of the need to keep your intensity at high levels. Sometime you may even require violence but the violence here refers to passion and ferocity. You must be relentless to fight your way through negative thoughts and impossible situations.

A little set-back and a little failure don’t determine what happens in the end. Those silent nights and lonely days are not meant to keep you under. They are just for a while. Fill your lungs and convert them to be the air keeping you afloat.

You can always ask for help

It is true good things don’t fall out of the sky but the things that make success consistent are very simple attitudes that need to be cultivated and practiced consistently over time.

You are not meant to stand alone so feel free to lean on a shoulder after some time so you don’t pass out. Grab a hand and let someone pull you up; there’s nothing wrong with learning form the experiences of others.

It doesn’t mean you are weak but it makes you wiser

You can be happier because you have known sadness

The beauty of going through a rough time and coming out of it is the fact that you can look ahead and see a brighter future because you endured the dark times.

All of a sudden, there’s a deep certainty; something that assures you of more success, more laughter, and more love.

The more you scale through life’s barriers; there more you experience more of the good things that life offers.


It doesn’t matter which stroke you want to use, just make sure you don’t stop pressing on!