What If Love Was Not Meant For Workaholics?

Maybe you should give up already or maybe you still have a chance.

It’s a really tough world out there but you already know that and you understand the struggle so much you are willing to put in every effort and all the hours of the day to be successful.

You love that you achieve your goals but you seem to be the only one who’s really happy about that. Every other person just feels you are a freak; especially your last girlfriend, and the one before her. Yes, the list goes on and on!

You want to love too. You want to experience that feeling but anytime you try, you always make the same mistake that gets you right where you started.

There’s just no point going down that very exhausting road anymore.

But here’s what you should know;

Having a relationship right now is quite different from what it used to be. It requires a lot of effort before it stands the test of time even when the people involved aren’t so engaged in other activities.

But hey, cheer up! There’s a lot you can do to keep your first love (your job) and the one who keeps going away (the lady or the man you love).

Even without  a clear-cut schedule, you can still have a healthy relationship without missing out.

Do all you can to recover lost time

To keep this love alive, you will have to treat it like you treat your job. Get Serious! There’s no occasion too small to be ignored just like there’s no detail you should ignore when you are given an assignment.

Keep reminders on your phone or hang a calendar on your wall with circled dates so you don’t miss any important date.  You may not be present at every special event but when you do have the time; do all you can to re-live that moment.

Be a pro in the sneak-up game

Of course, you miss the people you love and you always want to be around them but you don’t keep that crucial information to yourself, you let them know every single day. Don’t worry they won’t get bored of hearing it!

Be creative and specific when sending a dirty or a romantic text message. You could stop by just do drop a kiss and to say something unique to them and really sweet; keep them blushing all day and they won’t feel your absence. All love wants is a little more attention and it’s not impossible.

You shouldn’t have to change

It is true that you seem to enjoy working better than anything else but that shouldn’t make love an impossibility. You shouldn’t have to change who you are but you can learn healthier ways to manage your schedules in a way that gives you balance.

Love supports your happiness and everything that gives you a sense of fulfillment. So whoever is coming into your life will have to understand that. Only then can both of you work on creating time for other activities.

Never get tired of talking about your weaknesses

When someone loves you, he or she never gets tired of listening. As a matter of fact, they would always want to say exactly how you feel.

It is at such times that you shouldn’t hide anything. Feel free to be vulnerable because there’s nothing to be ashamed of. But at the same time; make time to listen to the needs of the other person. It’s not so different from your job; you need your teammate to make it work.

Love was made for workaholics too!