Something to Remember When Life Gets Uncertain

You don’t have to wait till you are certain about everything before you give it a try. I know you are been told to leap before you jump but most times we end up leaping for our whole lives; we never get to experience that great jump!

We often have this fear that something might go wrong and so we never give our best and when the result of our efforts comes out; it’s rather disappointing because we know we could have done better than we did.

Your life is designed in such a way that it has room for trials and experiments. You should make provisions for taking more risks and going on adventures. I am not saying you shouldn’t do your background check and adequate preparation but sometimes being 100% sure just takes the fun out.

It doesn’t always have to be perfect

There’s no destination in your life which you will get to that will be perfect. Every stage of your life is packed with its problems and pleasures. It is, therefore, your job to decide which you will focus on. Your decisions won’t be perfect for the people around you but they should be the best for you. You may not have the perfect man or woman in your life, but you should have someone who supports, encourages and loves you regardless. Likewise, your meals may not be the best but it should be nourishing and satisfying.

All I am saying is you have to make do with what you have and still be happy. You can’t continue to live your life with a distressing sense of failure instead of enjoying what you already have.

Accept what you have no control over

As human beings, we love being in control. In any case, people who feel like their environment has absolute control over them never make any progress in life. That is because this same desire has negative effects on them. When we beat ourselves so hard in situations beyond our control, we remain fixed to a spot.

The happiest people on earth are not those who give up and become completely frustrated with what they have no power over. They just accept those situations as temporary hurdles which will soon pass.

For every given situation either at work or play; two constant factors exist. Those factors you can control and those beyond you. Managing uncertainty requires an ability to differentiate these factors and handle them properly by ignoring those factors beyond you and influencing those you can control in the best way possible.

You always have an advantage, no matter how small

Most times we are quick to assume the victim’s or loser’s position without carefully weighing our options.

Maybe you have tried so hard to get your dream job but it seems there’s always something stopping you. You shouldn’t obsess about that reason and conclude that you a failure. No matter how bad the situation might look; there’s always that advantage which places you ahead of others. You just need to discover what yours is and focus on it.

You shouldn’t be scared to come out and admit that there is some much you don’t know but you won’t hold back and you won’t stay down.

Always remember the bigger picture, it is all that matters

There are certain decisions that are crucial to your life. Decisions such as what your plans are? Who will you spend the rest of your life with? What your dreams are and what impact you will be remembered for. These are decisions that could make or break a person.

You don’t waste your time wallowing endlessly in unnecessary decisions while the important choices are given less attention. Every decision in your life has a little bit of uncertainty attached to it but knowing what to put your energy on and what you should ignore is what will give a balance in decision making and help you make brilliant decisions.