This Is Why You Should Celebrate Your Every Win

If you woke up this morning healthy and with optimism for another great day then you are already a success. We live in a world where there is so much attached to success in terms of wealth, power and fame. However the crux is that if you are happy and purposeful in your actions you have done a great deal for yourself.


We all have our perspective on success. This article though looks at how celebrating every win is an element of happiness and success.


It is far easier to fail than to win. To win requires some courage, determination and desire. It doesn’t come cheap. Trust me it takes a whole lot to make that effort. And if you can be like that toddler who does well to take his/her first step or like the next Mark Zuckerberg who attains an Eureka moment, there is a reason for you to celebrate each day.


It is about sharing your joy with others

Let others be a part of how and why you grow. Success isn’t just about you. Give others a chance to be motivated by your growth and accomplishments. Let them recognize your growth and how far you have come.


You feel better

There is always that good feeling that emerges when you celebrate your successes. Isn’t it one of the reasons why we are all here? To be better and more purposeful? It feels good to recognize your accomplishments and celebrate them.


You push yourself for more successes

There is something about celebrating your success, it helps you realize what you can do. It helps you aware of your abilities and strengths. This knowledge will certainly push you for more success as you realize what you have succeeded at and how much you can go forward. Of course every victory, no matter how small, helps you cultivate a success mindset. When you cultivate a success mindset you are thinking in terms of the effort and the work you can put in to attain your desired goals. You are able to perceive your success, how it feels and what it takes before it all happens!


It helps you retain your self-worth


Pride can be a virtue. Every now and then we should proud of our accomplishments. We should be proud of how far we have come. We should be proud of the decent strides we are taking. Pride is essential if you want to build your confidence level or self-esteem. Pride is important if you want to evaluate your worth and what you can bring to the table of skills and knowledge.


It is about getting motivated

You are better motivated when you see the milestones you have reached. Notice your small wins and reinforce the changes you are making that helps you attain those things you desire. There is something about doing these, there is that cumulative effect that leads to the magic of momentum.


It is all about being thankful

Winners understand the importance of gratitude. Yes you may be proud of what you have attained so far. However you are humbled in knowing that you were rewarded somehow. That even though you had obstacles, you could still push through and attain your goals. It is all about retaining the right attitude and appreciating your failures and mistakes along the way. It is all about knowing that you stayed consistent and appreciated the journey. You have to be thankful that you scaled through and won. You indeed may have done more or attained what others couldn’t.