All This While You Were The Only One Standing In Your Way

I’m sure you didn’t know it was you all this while; maybe you thought it was your environment or maybe the people you had around you who were sabotaging your efforts and stopping you from achieving your set goals but it was you making sure whatever goal you set wasn’t accomplished and you didn’t even realize it.

You could call it getting in your way or a self-defeating attitude; whatever you choose to call it; it gets worse when you don’t realize it on time.

Want to dive right into your work assignments and get that endorsement you’ve always wanted? You’re all in immediately you finish those TV series. Thinking of making a better commitment in your relationship; perfect time to pick a fight about who didn’t drop the toilet seat!

This article is meant to help you figure out different ways you have consciously or unconsciously shot yourself in the foot instead of shooting for the stars. These hidden patterns of self sabotage could be manifest in your relationships, physical appearance, money, work relationships and many more areas of your life.


We all have relationships with money and it could either be a complex or a simple relationship. Simple in the sense that you don’t see money as something that should control you rather you control it. Do you ever feel like there are certain sums of money you don’t deserve and no matter how hard you work, you are never meant to earn so much? If your response is yes, that’s one way you have been sabotaging your success.

If you are feeling your contributions at work don’t equal what you are paid; how do you react? Do you focus on an internal conflict, self -pity and self -torture or do you speak up and demand what you deserve? You will never know if you do not try.

Maybe the only reason why you have not expanded your business was because you never felt it was within your reach. What if you were more confident in yourself and wasted less time on illicit arguments, can you imagine what you would have built by now?



Do you feel interesting enough to keep the people around you? When your relationship with your loved ones gets tough; do you stand up for yourself or do you put your head down and do nothing?

After you’ve fought for that person you really want; do you find yourself destroying what you have built somehow? When certain relationships issues are not resolved who do you blame?  Do you beat yourself up and quit easily or do you seek healthy ways of solving the problems you face?

Of course she left you and that broke your heart; did you quickly conclude that you are not worthy of love or was it because you were meant to meet someone better? When he proposed; did you see a blissful home or did you say no because you had a rough past and you don’t think you deserve him?

You shouldn’t block anything good that comes your way as soon as it appears on the horizon. You deserve everything you want.

#Your physical appearance

There are a lot of people who aren’t comfortable in their bodies and if you happen to fall into this category, it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You have all it take to get the body you want but while you are at it, it is important that you don’t self –sabotage your success no matter how little you may think your efforts are. Go slow and steady; you don’t have to exaggerate. Enjoy the transformation and always remember to love your body no matter what.

Most times, the problem isn’t getting up after you’ve been knocked down; the real problem emerges when it’s you who keeps knocking yourself down.