3 Crucial Questions You Should Answer To Build An Excellent Self- Worth

No matter how old you are, as long as you are alive; you have created a self-worth that is affects everything about you. This self-worth doesn’t necessarily have to involve your back account because your self-worth is not entirely measured in your net worth. It actually depends on how you see yourself and what you settle for.

As human beings, we are born not having an idea what our self-worth should be   but as we grow older, we are faced with expectations, positive and negative comments from the people around us; slowly but surely, the question of who we really are begins to emerge; we begin to have a natural sense of what our self-worth is.

The behaviours of the people we relate with can either tear down this natural idea of self-worth or build it up.

Your self-worth is what gives you the belief that you are good enough to maximize your abilities to build the life you deserve. It is therefore crucial that your self-worth is checked and built over time; the process doesn’t stop in a day.

What is your attitude toward yourself?

When you talk about yourself; what do you say? When you look at your reflection what do you see? Is the image looking back at you pleasing or offensive to you?

All these are questions that need honest answers if your self- worth will be of any use to you. The way you perceive yourself and how you stand for yourself ultimately becomes your reality.

If your answers are belittling and usually result in you being put down then you will likely have less self-worth. Your attitude to yourself shouldn’t also overstate your qualities. You don’t want to over-estimate yourself either. The goal is to accept and celebrate your true unique values as a person without self-deceit.

What is the source of your confidence?

One thing you need to understand about your confidence as a person is the fact that you shouldn’t let it get to a level where you have none. Your confidence levels should always be high and never should it be mistaken for arrogance.

Arrogant people are not confident people in any way and that is the reason why they are always on the offensive side. They put up that act to make up for their lack of confidence.

The same applies to overconfident people; being overconfident doesn’t prove you are sure of your abilities as person, it only means you are pompous and most times uncertain of who you are. If you are often insecure and uneasy; you should consider your confidence source; because it affects your self-worth to a very large extent.

Your confidence should come from a deep sense of self love and self- appreciation. A certainty that fuels your inner peace; confidence is about knowing yourself and being self-assured.

How much do you trust yourself to make the right decisions?

Your self-worth decreases when you let others make certain important decisions for you. From the onset, it seems like an escape route; one that affords you the opportunity to escape the hard decisions you don’t want to make. But it won’t be long before you find out that you only did more harm to yourself.

Running away from the hard decisions we ought to make doesn’t free us; it keeps us caged and stagnated. Worst you could become completely indecisive and alone when we have no one to blame for taking those wrong decisions for you.

Building an excellent self-worth entails listening and relying on what you feel not just completely depending on how people respond to you.

You need to start trusting yourself to do the right thing for you. You control what happens in your life and until you accept to take responsibility for yourself; you will never know your true self-worth.