7 Ways To Eat Healthier This Year

Ever heard the phrase you are what you eat?

Well believe it or not it’s actually true. You are what you eat! Your food affects everything about you from your mood to how productive you are at your work place to how much fun you have when you are out in the park.

I think it’s safe to say your food you controls your life. It determines how healthy you are and how often you may visit the doctor, but you already know that.

So if you haven’t given healthy eating a thought ever. The time to start is now!

If you are always feeling sluggish and sleepy, it is simply because you have a diet that has high fats. When you feel mentally foggy, more stressed and have bad moods often it could be because there is so much sugar in your diet.

But all your mistakes can be corrected and here is how;

Don’t stay hungry

You don’t wait until you are completely drained of energy before you stop to eat. Most times the reason why you can’t control your diet is because you let yourself get too hungry to decide what to eat and what to avoid so before you have a thought about how many calories you just ingested, it’s already too late.

Fight the laziness

You can’t really control what you eat is when you are often too lazy to prepare it yourself. When someone else does the cooking you don’t have a say what ingredients are used and in which quantities these ingredients are used.

So this year, instead of always eating out, why don’t you dedicate some time to really prepare what you eat. I promise you will be so glad you did.

Don’t go shopping without a list

Anytime you go grocery shopping without a clear list you make a whole lot of mistakes. Changing your diet into a healthier one means you have to be deliberate with your choices when you shop. You have to turn a blind eye to the usual fries and sweet treats you are used to and that’s not something you master in a day. A clear list makes you disciplined in your purchases.

Experiment healthier recipes

It is easier to maintain a better nutrition if you learn how to prepare healthier versions of your favourite meals. You can still enjoy eating the same tasty meals without avoiding them completely. Sometimes the fruit and vegetables alternatives can be boring, but with just a little addition of greens and little subtraction of oils and fats, you will be on your way to a better diet.

Choose the fresh foods or the frozen foods but never the canned

If you are always on the go and you are most likely to eat out of a can; this year one of your eating adjustments should be to try as much as you can to grab the fresh stuff. If that’s not within reach go for the frozen products. The ones you have preserved yourself.

This will help you cut down the sodium that is not required in your body and prevent your intake of excess sugar. Most importantly, you will be saving more because you won’t be paying for the cans you will be disposing soon.

 Avoid sweetened foods as much as possible.           

I am sure you don’t want to have any cardiovascular disease or gain weight this year. You wouldn’t want to deal with diabetes either. Your surest escape will be to replace sweetened drinks with water and fruit juice and avoid sweetened foods because all they give you is extra calories.