How Loyalty Defines Your Success

I once had a girlfriend and asked her to stop being friends with someone else. Actually her friendship with that person was making me uncomfortable. But she said no and it ended up in her cheating on me. I wouldn’t have had issues with her simply saying no. However she was indifferent about how I felt. The relationship ended and we both moved on.

If your partner is not loyal, not much would come out of your relationship. The same applies to your employees or employer or business partner. To sustain or cultivate a relationship loyalty comes to play. And perhaps it is a price we have to pay, a tough one at that. But it is worth it. Here is why.

Loyalty creates value

The other person sees you as solid person. They see your character and it inspires them to respond the same way too. Of course why shouldn’t they, loyalty is a scarce commodity, why shouldn’t they value what you bring to the table?

Loyalty builds self-esteem

Yes it does. It means you are worth something. And you are not cheap. We all want to be associated with someone who has solid self-esteem and can make us feel good in our own skin. I surely wouldn’t want to employ someone who is great at jumping ships. They really wouldn’t bring anything to the table in terms of personal dignity and self-worth. They wouldn’t add to the strength of my company. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded with persons who value themselves and those who they have dealings with?

Loyalty means you have goals

Trust me focus and setting standards defines how our relationships will go. It also determines our goals in life. What do you really want? A bus may not look flamboyant, but when it has direction surely, we will get to where we are headed. Sticking on a particular path means we have a destination in mind and we are not willing to falter in getting there.

Loyalty shows discipline

Loyalty doesn’t come cheap. Not many great things come easy anyways so you find a lot of us don’t have this quality, however over time we can build and sustain this quality. Yes it shows authenticity over time. It shows we are willing to be better and more accomplishing. It shows courage and how much we want to improve ourselves and set new standards.

Loyalty shows we know what we want

Not all of us do. But it matters to know what you want. What do you want from any venture you get into?

Loyalty defines us

It defines our personality, it defines how people will relate with us and the kind of happiness we will attain at the end of the day.

Loyalty helps us appreciate those things we attain

Loyalty helps us appreciate our successes. We know we are solid and are worthy of what we attained. We have shown commitment, desire and discipline and having what we own is a sign that we are not afraid to pay the price of achievement. We are not distracted but solid enough to reach another milestone after conquering a particular goal.

Loyalty shows courage

It takes courage and fearlessness to remain loyal. Loyalty shows we are brave and resolute about the choices we make. Some clarity is needed on the path to success and loyalty helps you attain that.


Of course showing loyalty comes with its rewards. But overall it helps define your path to success and happiness at the end of the day.