To Win – You Have to Learn to Lose Some

Yes you heard me right – your ability to take losses are a significant part of being victorious. Because on your path to winning you would meet challenges that could break you down. Failures can be hard to take but it is a necessary evil somewhat. You won’t win if you are not prepared to fail. Here is why:


We all make mistakes

There is no perfectly laid out plan. There is always something that could shatter your plans. It could be a tiny detail you missed or it could mean an unfavorable environment of operation. No matter how hard we try we would make mistakes. And that hurts, because we would always want to execute perfectly and attain those things we desire.


We simply don’t know it all

Winning is most times a learning process. As far as you are learning fast and not repeating those things that don’t work, you are sure to secure a path to the success you deserve. Not knowing it all exposes you to a lot of dangers. This is why you need to have a mentor who could assist you with making fewer mistakes along the way.


Winning is a journey

Trust me losing can be ugly and beat us hard. However it is up to you to appreciate the journey and be positive about every mistake or failing you have to meet along the way. The truth is that how you take the loss could be what helps you find and savor victory better.


It should never define you

Your character may be tested, but your focus and desire shouldn’t falter. Losing shouldn’t be what defines you. You should define every loss and be a master of your situation. You should stay positive regardless of what the universe throws at you.


It is about how much you want it

It is about how much you desire to win. And losing some could be that litmus test that either breaks you, stops you or measures you. It is about how much you want to fight anyways and get what you really want. Losing some makes the process better filtered so we appreciate the winners and their struggles. It is about that inspiration others would later need to get out of their comfort zone. Yes it all comes down to how much you want it.


You can’t be lucky all the time

Failures and misfortunes are a part of life. You just need to have a better mindset about it. You should know that some days rain would pour and other days sun will shine. Some times you would laugh and other days you would be sober.  Winners cannot all emerge at the same time. Life can be a funny mix. And losses are just what comes with victory.


You should be happy anyways

And that is what we are here for. To crack the code of joy and to be happy. We should be happy even when those losses come. You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. Your losses should define that lovely smile of yours. You should see the world as a beautiful place and be positive anyways.



This article is for those who are about to wake up again after a major fall. Standing up after hitting the ground can be tough but your perspective about a loss could be what helps you appreciate your victory. Learn along the way and cheers to the success you will become.