This Is What Inadequate Planning Will Cost You In 2018

The festivities are over and I can bet that there a lot of people out there who are completely clueless about what to do with the rest of the year.

They may have usual activities they engage themselves in everyday that keeps them busy but they have no plan on doing anything new or different.

Most people are so comfortable that they don’t even take up any challenges that will improve their minds and change their behaviours for better. Their habits have been the same for the last decade and they haven’t even noticed it. They have no dreams and as such they have no obstacles. They have no new achievements and no new experiences.

The real question is not whether you have a plan or not but how feasible is the plan as far as its implementation goes?

We all want the good life and we see it from afar but what differentiates the person who is getting there and the person who never gets there is knowing how and when to do what. There’s no time for second guessing!

If you fall in the category described above, I want you to know that you are not only missing out on the fun of really being alive, you are letting your whole life pass by your very eyes.

And it gets worst!

Inadequate planning results in low productivity

It’s easier to move from one step to the other when you have your steps laid down accordingly toward solving a particular problem. It doesn’t only enhance speed and your level of creativity; it also gives you orderliness.You may have people who are responsible for your every need but that doesn’t mean you are not responsible for yourself. You alone gets to face the consequences of your action.

 You will lose valuable time

You must have set a lot of goals for yourself but setting a goal doesn’t guarantee you are going to achieve it within the required time frame. Once your ability to plan is affected the feasibility of achieving that goal becomes less.

There is nothing to celebrate

Don’t get too excited when you succeed without a plan. First you’ve not learnt anything because you were not paying attention to your mistakes or procedures. You didn’t learn because you thought everything happened by accident. You didn’t pay attention to details so you don’t have an idea what you did right or wrong.

You will also notice that you would have learnt more and succeeded more if you had been organized enough to plan.

You won’t discover your purpose.

Discovering your purpose helps you explore various methods to reach your fullest potential.

It is simple, when you don’t plan you don’t know when you fail or succeed and as such you don’t know what you are good at so you don’t know the path to follow to discover what impact you were created to make in the world.

Except you discover your purpose you will continuously be swayed back and forth by the influence of the people around you. You could spend your whole life without achieving a single dream of your own.

A lack of planning doesn’t only make you broke, it destroys your self esteem.

When you are always at the receiving side you work less. You have no expectations so the rate at which you push yourself decreases over time. You get accustomed to settling for whatever is handed down to you so you lose self esteem. You forget that you could actually be a better individual when you earn respectfully.


Success doesn’t fall from the sky. It always involves preparations, planning and the execution of these plans to the latter. If your goal is to maximize every opportunity this year brings then you have to improve on how well you plan.



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