The Hard Truth About The Road To Success

You are not the everyday man or woman on the streets; you are an impact to be felt across the world.

Being an entrepreneur or a person who has a potential of being very successful doesn’t come easily. I say this because being successful involves making certain sacrifices. I might have to reduce my hours of rest while you may have to be disciplined enough to say no to your favourite show on TV. Either way something has to be forgone if you must attain certain heights.

Success requires will power, a stiff neck and a rigid fist to break every barrier. Being successful requires anger and a hatred for every obstacle standing in your way.

I’m not talking of the everyday success tips that everyone is familiar with such as dedication, hard work and focusing on set goals, no! Those are easy pills to swallow.

 I’m talking of those situations that make you the bad guy in a group of seemingly good people. In a world where laziness is largely accepted, it is only abnormal that you work extra hard when everyone is already retired.


Those times you are called a snub or an arrogant person simply because you didn’t join a senseless conversation on social media. When you are called anti-social and a kill joy because you wanted to read a book and everyone was out to watch the game.

Those are the times that you will need to endure if your hard work will amount to anything at all.

When you are misunderstood and wrongly accused even when you have good intentions, you must not always try to defend yourself, sometimes you just need to turn a deaf ear and keep moving forward.

You must master the ability to ignore all distractions regardless of its source. The closest people to you may turn out to be your worst distractions and you will have to choose when to be around them.

Success is meant to change you, you are not meant to be the same person!


Why should you remain the same? You gain knowledge as you invest in yourself and your countless experiments have provided you with a wealth of experiences. You are no longer naïve because you know exactly what to do with the resources at your disposal. Of cause you can never be like everyone else!

So drop the Mister Good Guy and the Nice Lady act and focus on only what brings results!

 Every great person had to endure a period of isolation and madness at some point of their lives. That time when no one sees the possibility but you and as such, you need all the concentration you can get. Don’t beg for anybody’s attention or recognition, just keep your head down and work steady. All the attention you need will come; it never delays.


Not everyone in your close circle understands the need to forge ahead and grow. Some are lazy, others are extra dependent and they cannot just survive on their own. Yes you love them, but you have to let them go.


You won’t even have to make a decision to go out less, if truly, you are willing to achieve your goals, you will notice that the usual hangouts and unnecessary visits to friends and acquaintances doesn’t fit into your schedule anymore.  You become better with time management and more responsible for your decisions.

Get ready to be mean!


You have to be mean to anything or anyone who doesn’t understand the magnitude of your pursuits. There’s no time to be lenient as this is a serious business. It’s your life we are discussing here so it doesn’t get any serious than that. Except you are considering settling for less, you have to go all in.

Only give attention to what spurs you and keeps you on top.