When You Think You’ve Lost Everything

You rarely lose everything. There is always something to hold even when everything around you seems gone and stolen. You shouldn’t find depression. You should find strength and hope. Because while it may seem vain and distant, there is goodness and amazing rewards.


Sometimes it is hard to explain and define those things that could happen to us. But it is never the time to give in to fear. Because that is how the battle against us is won, even before it starts.


When you think you have lost everything, it could be that partner you loved or that career that paid your bills and gave you sustenance. It could be losing your money or losing a business deal, but always keep these in mind.



There is a tomorrow


Of course the sunset. There is tomorrow to start all over again and to keep on going. Life is an amazing journey. Don’t ever stop walking and finding that path to where you should be. You may be sad at the time, but as far as there is life there is a reason to laugh again and smile. It may hurt now, but time has a way of healing all wounds and making you whole again. What is taken will be given back. In a way we are all connected and it is hard to for a situation to break you, except you allow it to.




Forgive yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. When a closed friend died, I thought it was my fault. I thought I could have reached out earlier, I could have done something about it and never allow her death to happen. But really how could I have known how things would have panned out. Truthfully, I should learned to tolerate the situation because it wasn’t really my fault. I needed to heal and forgive myself. There really wasn’t much I could have done right or wrong. Yes we always wish we could do more, or to try harder or make things be more favorable. It doesn’t always work out that way though.




Appreciate all that you’ve got. Like I said earlier, there is something you would always have working for you despite a loss. You really don’t lose everything. You don’t lose hope, you don’t lose trying or taking action again, you don’t lose the will to fight, you don’t lose great friends, you don’t lose having a decent sleep. So appreciate you have another chance to enjoy the simple and interesting things of life.


Find a reason


There is always that one reason. There is always that one explanation to bring back positivity. Because even those things that are taken can always be reclaimed. A lost lover could come back or you could find someone special again. You could get a different job, a higher paying one or find a new interest. Always find a reason to keep marching forward rather than wane in worry and depression.




Things will be lost and things will be gained in life. Nothing really is permanent or perfect. But you can always find the fortitude to keep on going even when it seems that what is lost is gone.