This Time, Choose Love At Its Best

There’s no better time to love hard than now.

No better time to experience that love you were created for. You are done settling for lies and people who have no regard for how you feel.

Now is the time to accept nothing less but a perfect love.

Here’s the thing about love: you can’t really find the words to describe it when it gets confusing or when it’s straight forward. When it hurts and when it’s pure bliss but one truth is sure whether you’ve loved and won or loved and lost, it’s always worth it in the end.

Love can inspire you to achieve some of the craziest and most amazing feats in your life. Love awakens the innermost senses and rekindles the fire in your soul. Love inspires you to reach for more.

This time, choose the person that makes you forget all the pain

It is not your pain so you are not meant to hold on to it forever. You were meant to have the loudest laughter and the widest smile. You are meant to lose all the weight you had to bear and live freely.

This time choose a person that makes you forget that you ever shed a tear on account of love. Choose to have comfort at all times because that really is what love brings.

Choose a love that adds colours to your world

You can never tell true beauty except that which is seen by the heart. It is the very act of seeing a person in all kinds of flaws and imperfections and in that dirt and filth; you still see a beauty you cannot deny. Something that compels you to never stay away, a hopeless state where you can’t bear a second without them

This time choose a love beyond what your eyes can see and then you will begin to experience all the shades of true beauty.

Choose a love that chooses you

Go for a love that knows you and wants you, all of you.

To love is not to have a single doubt even though to other people that would sound naïve. This time choose that person that holds you as the best and most preferred even in a world full of so many people.

Choose a love that renews your strength

It is indeed true that we are broken by the ones we love but most importantly, we are moulded and made perfect by the ones that love us.

Being in love was meant to spur you to greater heights. It is meant to be a source of courage in your weakest moments. Choose a person that elevates you and sees the best in you even when you do not see it yourself.

Choose a love full of magic

Love exposes you to places you never knew existed and the journey begins right from the inside. So you don’t want love that controls you or tries to limit you. Love was meant to take you on wild adventures where night falls but your sunshine stays in place.

Isn’t it magical that your dreams become a reality when you least expect it? That’s exactly what love does. It creates a life better than you ever imagined.

Choose love that shows you how beautiful your future is already

Love should make you happier than you have ever been. It should elate you and give you a new hope despite any awful experience you may have had in the past.

You just have to embrace the possibility that in an ordinary life love gives an opportunity to have a taste of the extra-ordinary.

The future is now!

So throw out anything at all standing in the way of you having love at its best.


  • M.A.D

    Lovely write up!