In 2018 – You Should be All In


That’s it. You can’t give 50 percent and expect 100 percent. Sometimes or most times it is all about reaping what you sow. And yes it is easy to make New Year resolutions but committing to them can be hard. Without consistency it may be so hard to reap the full reward of your investment.


In 2018, it should be all or nothing. It is about getting those things you want and being willing to pay the price for it. Let me give you an example. In 49 BC Julius Ceasar crossed the Rubicon River, a legally proscribed action forbidden to any army-leading general. But that changed everything for him. Nothing would have changed though if he never did the daring thing and gave the commitment to cause a civil war.


You have to be willing to take action in 2018. Whether in your relationships, career or daily living, you have to put in the work and commit fully to your goals.


Don’t expect anything if you are not giving anything


Don’t expect anything from that guy if you are not giving him any reason to commit to you. Don’t expect that promotion if you are not willing to justify your new position. Yes it may not work out, but trust giving you best shot actually offers you a better chance than not giving anything at all.


Let others know


Yes committing to something and doing what is necessary could mean that you tell others how far you are willing to go to get what you want. There should be no compromising. You should be getting the full support of this people or well, … you know what to do.


There is no looking back


There is no looking back. Look forward. Don’t hold yourself back in regrets or disappointments of yesteryears. You can’t afford to be living your life passively and holding yourself back because of what happened in 2017. Why should you take yourself too seriously? Trust me we all have our scars. We all have our shortcomings and failures. But we don’t live based on these mistakes. We should live on the opportunities, adventures and excitements of tomorrow. And you may be looking back and stopping yourself from attaining the happiness you deserve.


It won’t be perfect but you gave it your best shot


Yes people will know that you gave it your best shot even when it doesn’t work out right. It may not happen the exact way you planned it but trust me you will be better off at the end of the year than at the beginning. You must have giving it a shot and be ready to know what the future will bring. Surprises are worth living for. Who knows how good things will turn out.

Don’t be distracted


There will be a lot of distractions. You may have some self-doubts. You may be surrounded with negative people. But you should know what to do. Never let anything creep in and distort your vision. You should have a laser focus on how much you want to give and how much commitment you will deliver.


It should be 100 percent or nothing


Yes worthy things come at an expensive price. Nothing great or worthy comes cheap. So if you are willing to get more out of life, your relationships or your career, you have to be sure to give 100 percent.