This is 2018 – I Ain’t Taking Shit!

Yes you heard me right. I am not taking crap from anyone. And this is because I have to start taking charge and defining the future I want. Of course there are those who want to come into your world and take a part of everything you are trying to make perfect. And that hurts. Because you should be only giving your time, energy or resources to those who deserve it and are worthy of it.


2018 should be a year you’ve learned a thing or two about yourself and put it in practice to becoming a better person. It may require more discipline, but I can assure you it is worth it. You shouldn’t be tolerating those who come to you with fake love and despicable lies. It is either they are in it for real or they are out of the door.


2018 should mean you’ve your plans well laid out and you are willing to do what is necessary to pursue them. If certain persons are not going to help you take the needed action then perhaps it is time to start reviewing your relationships.


2018 should mean you are thankful and you can show gratitude. It should mean you can aim for peace and relish in it. Of course no one should be coming to mess with your me-time. You are your own best company. Value the time you spend with yourself and let it help you soar to becoming the best person you can be.


2018 may just be 365 days but every day should count. It should be a platform to pivoting to wonderful accomplishments. It could mean a year you acquire the needed skill to grow and be better. It could mean you strive to reach more rewarding goals. It could mean you secure more interesting relationships.


Still, in 2018 you shouldn’t try to force relationships. So if you are texting and they are not texting back or picking your calls you may just need to move on. Relationships should be mutually beneficial and should propel growth.


You should be taking care of your hygiene and your body. Your body is that vehicle that drives you to your goals. Sustain it with the nutrients it needs. If you need to exercise more, please do. Stay healthy!


Stay away from toxic persons. They could deter you from attaining those things you desire. Sure you could better than tolerating toxic persons if you want to be happy and cherish every moment in 2018.


Don’t look back. 2017 is gone and it is gone for good. You have to learn to live in the present while you aim for a better future. Nothing is in the past anyways. You may have made some mistakes, but 2018 should be about finding your rhythm and enjoying the year.


Do what you love in 2018. Don’t let anything hold you back. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t play the blame-game and never be the victim. We will definitely be seeing at the top.