6 Signs That Will Show Your Growth in 2018

The concept of growth is thought to be comprehensive to even the simplest man on earth but at the same time, it is one of the hardest processes to undergo in life.

Sometimes having everything needed for the growth of a person doesn’t necessarily guarantee that growth will take place like it should.  So it is no surprise that many adults are babies in their thoughts, speech and actions. It is almost like they woke up one morning and dived into adulthood completely clueless on what is expected of them.

Though growth is a pretty subjective topic, there are major pointers that tell you if you are growing or not. Being an adult is far more than your age and physical appearances and it should not only be determined by social status either. It involves an all round intellectual, social, mental and spiritual maturity.


How often do you get out of your house just to feel a different air on your face? When last did you meet and interact with other people asides your family and friends who you’ve had for so long? Sometimes the air around you gets stale and you will keep suffocating if you don’t step out.

You need to find new fields and see some new faces, that way you will be inspired to have new ideas.

Giving up old bad habits

You know just because no one has sat you down to talk about that bad habit you still have it doesn’t mean it is cool. Growing entails taking the decision to change for the best whether you are being told or not.

You are not a child anymore and that means certain behaviours have to be foregone for your greater good. The old you has to be replaced with your new self before the growth process can be complete.


Taking up simple responsibilities

Every growth process has a foundation which is usually simple but difficult to begin for most people. It’s no wonder most people keep postponing theirs until it’s too late and then they begin to wonder what they were doing with all their time. You don’t just move to handling big tasks without completing simple assignments promptly and properly.

You want to know how much you’ve grown, check how faithful you are to your duties.

Learning from your mistakes

A person who grows is one who is open to change. Growth takes place when you are less conservative. Life has always been a scene for new creations. You can’t control it so shouldn’t fight it instead, you should join the fun. It only gets better!


Every single task you want to do requires some level of preparation. Whether it’s the big decisions like getting married or the small decisions such as going grocery shopping, you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

I’m not saying you should be paranoid or expect the worst all the time, no! I am saying how often life’s situations take you by surprise also determine your level of growth.

Being on your own

One sure way to find out your level of growth this year is to be left on your own in your difficult moments. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should isolate yourself and die in silence. I’m saying figure it out on your own terms.

When it’s easier to depend on family and friends, chose to have the dignity to endure the discomfort and the stress.  If you ask me that’s when you are most calculative and most innovative.

It is in the heat of that moment that you know your capabilities, your true strengths and weaknesses and once that is discovered, you become unstoppable.


Most people who grow chose to grow when no one thinks it is necessary. This year choose to grow too.