5 Easy Ways To Become a Person of Influence

Ever wondered why some people organize events and have thousands in attendance while others have to struggle to fill up the first two rows in their events?

Well it’s a pretty simple answer.

Some people are just more influential than others. They say a word and everyone concurs. They lead and a massive number of people just seem to follow without any hesitation.

In today’s world being a person of influence not only saves you so much time in world that is evolving so fast but it also broadens your horizon and helps you seek out new opportunities to be more successful In your field  of work.

The world is open to embracing innovations and new solutions, so let’s get started on easy ways to influence positive change right where you are.

Clarity in identity

The problem with most people is that they do not know when to remain truly stuck to an idea and when to move on to a new one.

Picture your idea as the spouse you are married to. No marriage is perfect and in the same way, no idea is perfect and as such you need to constantly work on your idea till it yields the required results.

You don’t pick an idea today and drop it tomorrow for another without being consistent with it first over a reasonable period of time.

Just like the law of cumulative effect, when you repeat something over time, you become an authority in it. You need to be known for something!

Have a clear identity as an authority in your field and watch how easily you will pull crowds.

Get ready to compete

Influential people have something in common; they make the required noise using any means necessary. The secret to being known is never keeping quiet. It is not enough to know what you know and have all you have if nobody knows about you.

There are so many platforms out there that enable you compete with the big brands even at a start up level. You all share the same audience so let your voice be heard.

Make meaningful contributions

I heard a story about a man who always wanted to become a medical doctor so he could care for the sick but he got a scholarship to play basket-ball. Although he didn’t go through medical school, he built a big medical center so he could still care for the sick regardless.

Becoming a person of influence is largely dependent on how much impact you’ve had on the people around you. Your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues should attest to your abilities before you branch out to wider societies.

Do you shy away from the plight of others just because it doesn’t affect you directly? If yes, then you are standing in your way of being a person of influence.

Grow your profile

Get involved as much as you can because that will give you a clear picture of your interest and how people will respond to you. Being influential was never a walk in the park but if you love what you do; your progress takes you by surprise.

Embrace partnership

There’s no original idea because business and innovations are usually improved versions of what already existed. In order words, ideas are relatable. To be a person of influence entails an ability to harness and use effectively, the power that lies in synergy.

Everyone needs a little support to ascend the ladder and as such it is pertinent that strong lasting bounds are made in honesty and in the spirit of teamwork to achieve a common goal.

Sometimes you have to forego certain leverages for the greater good. Always have the biggest picture in mind.




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