Here Is How To Manage Success

Sometimes we do not know how to manage success. And while it could have made us better persons, success becomes fleeting for us. It comes as a whisper and it is gone before we are awake. It is so easy to get caught up in the fast life and suddenness of success that we manage our wealth and accomplishments wrongly.


The aim is not simply to be successful for a moment. Rather the aim should be to always be relevant and to stay successful. Because, trust me, competition is stiff and there are a lot of people gunning for the number one spot just like you. Never allow your senses to get dulled by things that are not substantive. Here are 8 ways to manage the success you will attain.


Never become complacent


Know what your success is worth. Never become complacent and rest on your laurels. Rather than deviate from your plan for growth, think of how you can grow and reach greater heights. It may require some discipline, but this is essential if you want to stay relevant. Of course you may need to learn new things, about your industry or forge new relations or acquire new business skills that will take you into the future you desire.


Be thankful


Certainly you may not be at the same place you were a year ago. Appreciate your journey so far and never be scared of celebrating your success whether it is big or small.


Know the price you paid


Be aware. Don’t choke. Yes you deserved to be where you are now. Some people would feel they don’t deserve the success they have. However you have to understand that you put in the work to get to where you are and didn’t get there by chance or mere luck. Stepping into the arena takes courage and bravado so be aware of the work you put in.


Learn from the journey


Success is a journey. You may have done some things right and failed in other areas. Take time out to learn from your successes and failures. What did you do right to get to where you are today? What could you have done better and how will this knowledge take you to the next stage.


Take account of those things that are missing


Success comes at a price. What is the price you have paid for success? What is missing in your life to make it whole. A successful life is not simply about your career accomplishments but also about enjoying a family life and building relationships with your friends.



Be happy to share success lessons with others


There is greatness in sharing. Let others learn from your successes and failures. It is a way of giving back to the community.


Watch out for takers


There will be people who are not happy about your success. Some people would feel threatened or jealous of your success. Some would want to drag you down. You have to learn to surround yourself with people who are truly happy about your accomplishments. It is either they are supporting you or you are doing well to elude such persons.


Be selective


With success comes more options and more resources. You would have so many things that come your way and could distract you from major goals or milestones. You should be pretty selective about those things you invest your time and energy into. If it is not a true opportunity and not worth your time please avoid it!