5 Things You Should Know About Your Dream Job in 2018

Being idle has never done anyone good and it’s more obvious that more people are becoming less tolerant of the unemployed. Of cause nobody likes a liability and as such more people struggle to see how they can be employed or get involved in a business or two.

But that’s not the basic point I want to make in this article, I am more concerned about ‘the applicants’ as they are sometimes called. Those who cannot do the menial jobs and the petty trades let alone volunteer to work for free. Those who just want to make a big hit once and for all.

While I am not suggesting that making it big without any struggle is impossible, I am also a strong believer in what I call the success process. It simply means that everyone on earth from either a wealthy or a wretched background has to earn his or her success at some point before they can be able to fully enjoy it.

It is just the way of life.

I just want to share a few steps which I am hopeful will not only get you started on your journey to a successful future but will also give you an opportunity to impact others positively.

Give yourself for free

The world we live in never gets enough of charity, kindness and a little show of love for humanity. Someone showed you some kindness at some point in your life and that has contributed to who you are now. You too should do the same!

If your dream job seems so far away, you should volunteer. You would be surprised at what you will learn and how fast you get certain experiences that will come in handy when the dream job comes.

Choose a place of relevance

In the first point, I encouraged you to volunteer to keep yourself busy and get acquainted with the system before you are fully absorbed. But mind you, it is very important you choose a place where achieving the goal of learning is possible.

You are not just there to volunteer; you are there to learn a success process. You won’t remain there forever, so choose wisely.

Start yours no matter how small

Nobody looking to employ you can actually pay to give you full satisfaction, that can only be gotten when you passion and dreams are channeled toward something you own. Having control over your career is very key to your success.

So it makes no difference if you are a volunteer or an employee, have a practical ground where you can test run all you are learning.

Let your fantasies and imagination guide you

Being self-employed could get very tricky especially in an environment where it seems all the good ideas are taken and everyone is solving every problem.

Sometimes you need to let your imaginations and fantasies guide you into choosing what’s best to do.

It may not be acceptable to everyone immediately but eventually the required acceptance will take place.

There’s no time to waste

I just really want to emphasis that there is no important or less important period of your life. When it comes to your success process, every point of your life is crucial.

Your play time is as crucial as your work time and the people you relax with on a vacation are as important as your colleagues or your business partners.

In other words, work is play and play is work.


Jobs are not hard to come by but you need to ask yourself if you want to be just an employee footing bills or you want to be an authority all by yourself.





  • M.A.D

    Spot on!

    • Krystin Samuel

      Thank you so much.