6 Reasons Success Is A lot Like Sex

Having sex feels like losing yourself. It seems there is a complete absence of the self. In that moment, you could care less about the past or the future.

Your whole being demands that complete happiness which can only be achieved through full fusion, an integration that naturally becomes the most important regardless of the circumstances around you.

You can’t seem to have enough of either sex or success no matter how many times it happens. You want more and more of it.

Why wouldn’t you want more of it? It exposes you to all the different levels of existence and in that there is the strengthening of the self. You experience unadulterated joy, complete self-forgetfulness and self discovery all at the same time.

It is really all about your body language.

What you will be the most successful in is what no one urges you to do. Just like sex, two bodies come together without shame, fear or any prior knowledge of themselves just following the rhythm of their desires.

Even when it’s your first attempt, no one actually tells you what to do, you just know there is a hunger and your only concern is to find and satisfy it.

Being successful is what you never lack the energy for and no matter how many times you do it; there should be  a whole new and different excitement that accompanies every experience.

Like sex, success is nature’s gift

We all are sexual beings from birth so there is no need pretending or trying so hard to despise nature’s gift. You were born to crave sex and enjoy it and in the same way you were meant to pursue your dreams and be successful.

Success is nature’s gift to everyone the question is whether or not you want to use what you have.

Self rules supreme

Being successful entails placing your progress above all else. In a way you have to be ruthless to get what you want.  More or less like a sexual urge, you completely forget how expensive the clothes you are ripping off your bodies are and you don’t care where they are flung to. Some people have to endure certain levels of pain before the pleasure kicks in.

It doesn’t matter what perception you have about being selfish, just like sex being successful comes first with the motive to please yourself before anyone. It is the business of being desired and wanted despite countless options. You can’t remain relevant if you don’t pay attention to yourself.

Success knows no time or place

You could wake up in the middle of the night and no amount of fatigue or tiredness can stop you from having wild  steaming sex. In the same way, there’s no schedule or location that should determine how you achieve your goals and that explains why creativity and improvisation is key in every success story.

You don’t wait till the lights are dim and the mood is right to take action, sometimes you have to employ every kind of foreplay till there’s no resistance.

Success comes only from true honesty

Sex is an act that reveals our true forms.

It causes us them to stand naked in body, and accept our real standard of value. It makes us come to terms with our insecurities to the point that we are willing to share our deepest parts with another being.

To be successful, you will have to admit your inadequacies and then set out to improve. It is that surrender that affords you the experience of true pleasure.

You can’t get more successful expect you want it

Success like sex is a build-up process.

You don’t just lie down on your bed and expect someone else to do the work till you are satisfied. No matter how little, you have to put in your own effort too.The more effort you make, the more satisfied you become.