6 Reasons Why Accepting Who You Are is the First Step Towards Success

There is a lot of competition on every level of life.

You can’t run from it no matter how hard you try so it’s best you just face it!

It doesn’t matter where you place yourself; you would always find someone better than you or less than you are in intelligence, skill, appearances and character. It is a simple truth but most people find difficult to accept.

Often it is easier to accept the people inferior to us than those who are superior to us; we feel embarrassed when we ought to be challenged and as such we turn down the much needed help offered to us.

Before you can grow at all you need to accept your current position.

Embrace your field and be proud of your accomplishments so far. You didn’t just wake up to where you are, no! You had to put some effort, you had to work and you had to wait for something or someone at some point to get to where you are. You were creative and brave and you stood against all odds even when you had no source of encouragement.

So give yourself a little credit, it may not be where you want to be but you are on your way there.

Identify your passion and stick to it

Can you imagine how extremely boring the world would be if we all had the same passion and we all did the same thing? My point exactly!

Some people do great in the spot light and others are just perfect behind the curtains and that is just fine. You can’t afford to keep chasing people’s dreams and failing woefully while your own passion suffers just because you think it is not good enough.

It is your job to make it good, make it better till it becomes the very best.

Have some integrity

There is nothing as adorable as having a character that everyone can vouch for at all times. People would want to be around you and encourage you and learn from you.

It’s like you unconsciously build a network of committed people who help you achieve your goals out of admiration and respect. It‘s just easier to get to the top when you are not just using people but helping them grow as well.

You don’t have to lie to be appreciated

Some businesses or investments take a longer time compared to others to bring in the expected profit and when that happens it feels like you are a failure to everyone else.

Sure it is frustrating but it gets worst when you lie. You will only be fooling yourself when the truth come out and trust me it always does.

You really don’t have to convince anyone, in due time your achievements will speak for you.

Accept it all; strengths and flaws

I cannot over emphasize how much your whole body, heart and soul each have a crucial role to play on your journey to living a fulfilled and happy life.

You have to make consistent conscious efforts to be at peace with the whole of your being. Own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions always.

Not every competition is needed

Go ahead and widen your horizon. Feel free to explore but be careful so you don’t get distracted from your main course just because you want to beat all your opponents.

Every step on your road to success is a risk and a fight but you have to know when to lose to fight and win another day.


Life gets a whole lot better when you accept who you are. In fact it opens your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.