It’s Not Just a New Year, It Is The Birth of A New You

You are not the pain you felt this passing year.

You are not the many tears cried on your pillow every other night, in a dark room filled with a strong smell of whiskey, staring into the open sky as though the morning was lost and darkness was the only sure thing to come.

You are a bright future, just waiting to happen

You are not a broken heart, despite all the pieces of glass shattered on the floor and the blood in your hands because you couldn’t bear to look into the mirror and see the person staring back at you.

You are not your failure; you are the lesson learnt after various trials and all the errors made.

You are like the sun, you will rise again.

You are not the weight lost from the many miles you had to run or the weight gained when food was the only comfort; you are a massive force changing amidst the times for the better.

You are the cells that give life and the muscles constantly building what was broken.

You are strong and relentless and unstoppable.

You are not the emptiness you felt for so long

You are not the long hours you sat in the shower, waiting for a knock on the door hoping someone saves you from the void creeping silently through every door in your home.

When betrayal like a knife cuts deep into your soul, you let out the loudest screams but they remain unheard.

You are the perseverance and bravery that brought you this far.

It is not your fault that you trusted what was untrue. It happened so you can be prepared for that which is true.

You are a life reborn

For a time you had to lose, your bones were broken so they could become stronger when they heal.

Like a child in the birth canal, you are reborn. You must be strong to see the new life that awaits you; a life full of limitless possibilities and exciting realities.

You are a life just unfolding, like the bloom of the flowers as the season comes and goes, like a river that empties itself to full another.

You are the way of life; the old must end to make room for a new beginning.

You are a new voice and a new language

Let the passing year end all the awful words you had to hear; for you are not who they say you are but you are who you say you are.

You are a loud voice with a strong opinion that must be heard. You cannot be silent or intimidated; you speak the language of peace and of beauty and of hope.

You are perfect and unspoiled

The future cannot be misused in advance. It doesn’t matter how wrong you have been; the next hour, the next day, the next year presents a new opportunity to turn a new leaf.

Embrace the wholeness the coming year brings and live as though you have never wasted a single moment in your life.


You are not the fear; you are full of courage

We all had our moments of fear and weaknesses in the past years, when we took to our heels and couldn’t stand to face the adversity staring us in the face.

But as time went on we learnt to hold our ground with our shoulders held high and eyes focused on the price.

The coming year may present all kinds of hurdles but you have all it takes to be successful. It is time you stopped running, instead expose yourself to true challenges that prepares and propels you to greater heights.