It Is Not Too Late to Make 2017 a Fabulous Year

What a year huh?!

So much must has happened in 365 days. Was it just me or did this year move at the speed of light? I mean one morning it was January 1st and the next morning we are in December already. Kinda makes you realize that there really is no better time than now to make things happen.

To be alive in this present age is to knock off procrastination in any form that it exists.

Let’s not get carried away, I am not here to criticize you for what you didn’t do or bore you with all the dos and don’ts in the book of success; I am here so we can end 2017 on a fabulous note!

Believe it or not, it is never too late.

I made a list which I hope is helpful to you for the remaining 20 days of the year.

#Day 1 See the beauty in you

Take a long and hard look at yourself in the mirror and see the beauty you possess on the inside and the outside as well.

If you have spent most of this year feeling ugly and awful, it is time to change that thought. You are what you say you are.

#Day 2 Spend time with family

It is time for the holidays and trust me there is no better time than now to catch up with your family. You must not do anything out of the ordinary; your presence will be more than enough.

Your job and other engagements can always be replaced but your family will not always be with you.

#Day 3 Make peace

Being at peace with the people around you has a healing effect on both your mind and your body. Don’t hold back! Let all the grudges and hurt go.

#Day 4 Laugh Out Loud

Whatever you do in the days ahead, make sure there is a lot of humour in it. Apart from the fact that it is really good for your health, it is also an anti-ageing therapy.  Won’t you want to end 2017 looking a lot younger? I know you will.

#Day 5 Encourage others

It takes an extra ordinary person to pull others up. You can be extra ordinary these last few days by being a source of encouragement to someone going through a hard time.

#Day 6 Sing

Pick a favourite song and forget how your voice sounds; just let it out. Pay no mind to perfection but let the words speak to you. It is always a big relief when you are done.

#Day 7 Give Back

Charity has always proven to be a source of joy and comfort to both the receiver but also the giver. Endeavour to put a smile on someone’s face before the year runs out. It pays!

#Day 8 Visit a favourite place

You could go with a friend and have a deep conversation about how far you’ve come and what you hope to achieve in the coming year.

You could still go alone and evaluate your life on your own.

#Day 9 Take a rest

Give yourself a break from all the hustle you have put yourself through all year. You deserve the time out. Take a good long rest. Let this holiday be a period of refreshment for your body and soul.

#Day 10 Do not fear what lies ahead

The only way to conquer fear is to look right in its face without turning back. If you could stand 2017 and all its hurdles, then you sure will face the coming year with bigger and better success.


2017 is a great year. You didn’t fail in 2017; you learnt to become a better, smarter and stronger person than you ever were. You made it!