Your Success Lies in Your Simplest Ideas

I was talking to a friend and he completely changed my perception about wealth and success by a statement he made. He is very strongly convinced that it is far easier to make billions than it is to make thousands.

His prove was it was faster to make more money starting something new than doing what everybody does and earning little at a time.

I didn’t quite understand how that was possible but just a few days ago it became crystal clear to me and I just hope this information comes in handy for you too.

The whole world seems to be talking about one thing alone; Entrepreneurship and that means everyone has what it takes to be successful.

While some people already have lots of ideas on how to take advantage of such opportunities, there are other people who seem to be completely clueless about what to do with the time and resources at their disposal.

If you fall in this category where you have the drive and the will to make an impact but you are confused on how to go about it, I want you to know that your success is not too far from you. All you need to do is begin with the simple ideas you have.

Identify the problem

Being successful is all about identifying a problem and solving it. It may be a new problem or an existing one. It may just be something you don’t like doing, maybe you are not alone, what if others are also looking for a way around it too?!

All you need to do is identify the problem.

There is a norm in every community that most people are comfortable with. It could be very tedious and time consuming but it is just fine because no one is thinking of another way to get the desired results.

What you need to do is give it a different approach with better results. It may be slow  at first but eventually the change will be accepted.

Give your simple idea an upgrade

Just because everybody seems to be involved in the same line of business doesn’t mean you can’t get involved too. What makes yours stand out is your ticket to being successful.

Write your simple ideas down

I have noticed that the most fantastic ideas are the simplest ideas and they have a way of coming in the most awkward moments; they drop in the rest room or while you are driving or just staring at a beautiful scene.

These ideas seldom come when you are brainstorming and searching desperately for them. It is of little surprise that when they come at unexpected moments, they are usually ignored or forgotten.

You need to make the pen and pad your closest companion. Better still you could type it on your phone. Just make sure you don’t forget.

Take your simple ideas very seriously

Mind you, some ideas could sound very dumb to the next person. A lot of people could see it as a joke and write it off immediately but that shouldn’t stop you.

It isn’t their idea; it is yours so you should not always expect them to see the big picture.

It is therefore very crucial that you take these simple ideas with every passion you’ve got.

Simple ideas will get complex over time

Your idea may look cheap and be taken lightly but overtime it will change its outlook. This simple idea is going to need effective management and skill to reach its peak and as such, don’t expect it to be simple all through.

When it does get complicated, do not forget the vision behind it as this will keep you from digressing.

Give room for constant improvements and creativity to ensure you remain relevant in a changing world.