In 2018 I Am Going To Fight Back

There is a time you don’t want to take all that shit they throw at you. You are simply tired of being the victim and the one everyone thinks should be taken on the ride. And although it is early, it is the perfect time for me to start getting pumped up for the future I seek and desire.

It is time to start putting pen to paper on my goals. In 2018 I will be fighting back and taking charge. There is a point you simply have to own up and act responsibly. If things are not working out in your relationship, stop blaming others and accept that you failed somehow. Perhaps you didn’t pick the right partner. Perhaps you didn’t ask the right questions from them.

If things are not working out with your career goals, act responsibly. Know that you could increase your effort and do better. You could act smarter and have an edge over competition. You just are not getting it right because you are willing to settle and take all those shit they throw at you.

In 2018, I should be a master and not the vanquished. Because you really don’t make much out of life if you continue whining and bickering. Life would give you better if you stepped up the podium and demand better things from it.

There is no waiting for 2018. I am now on a mission to solidify my position and achieve those things I have always wanted.

There is no room for excuses. You just have to get back up from a failed job, a failed relationship and a failed state. In 2018 there is no room for tolerating those things that don’t work for me. I can’t live my life on someone else’s claim. I just have to place a bet on myself and hope I win. Here is how I will be fighting back in 2018.

Less time for BS

It is time one gets serious anyways. And 2018 should be a time for introspection and maximizing potential. It should be growth. If I need to take extra classes, I will. If I need to end certain relationships that are not pushing me toward goals, I will. 2018 is not for compromising. If I have to give more, I will. The bottom-line is that I want to get more value for my time, energy and relationships.

I should be asking the right questions

Yes I should be asking those questions that will drive me to work smarter and be productive. Questions like; “What do I need to get more out of life?” “How do I need to position myself to ask more out of life?” “What are the top three things holding me back from getting the life I want?” I need to start asking myself those tough questions, and answering them.

I should take more responsibility

I will have to take more responsibility for my finances, my time and how I use energy. It is up to me to determine how my life goes from here. I shouldn’t be comparing myself to others or listening to the advice of petty people. Those tough choices should be taken and hopefully I am propelled to the top.

I should be doing

We live in a time when results are only what counts. If I am not executing, then I won’t be getting results. I should be taking action on those plans I have written down!

I should be going with my guts

I think growth makes you understand the power of your intuition and how it could drive you to success. I should be going with my guts and be more daring!