The Things That Make Us Want to Love

Let’s rewrite yesterday.

Let’s stay indoors. Let’s stop asking questions… Let’s define the moment. Lets stare at the ceiling and wish the world stayed still. Lets chase our shadows in between sheets.

Lets make love. At least they call it sex these days.

Let’s set an example for those who would come after us. Because this thing called relationships are strange. Things happen these days. And nothing is defined. So lets not define anything.  Because that thing makes me sick!

Fear leads to love in some way. The way we cuddle. The way we seek. We must simply be running away from something. It may not be fear. But what would you call that?

There is so much to learn about love. There is so much to find out about our desires. And in these you may get stuck. Because it is hard to comprehend how the human mind works.

But I guess I am lonely. That’s why I am writing this. Many of us are. Even when we find someone that could be the “right partner.” We are still lonely. Or we are still searching for something. Something that could keep us at home. Something that could make us live forever.

Truth is we all want to be happy, whether we are single or in an amazing relationship.  Sometimes it is not about love. It is just about being happy. Or experiencing the ecstasy and the thrill.

That’s why we may cheat. That is why we may not be satisfied. We just want to be happy. We just want to be done right with. Don’t give love and expect it. It is wrong to assume this.

There is nothing selfish about love. Try to be discerning about your soul and swim with the tides. You would get to the places you seek if only you stopped worrying about those things that happen outside your soul.

Focus on what you need. I mean what you truly need. Focus on what needs to be given and cherish the excitement of the moment.

A lot of things happen in those cold moments. In those times when bodies collide. In those times when we ask from others those things we may not really be able to give. Sure we doubt ourselves sometimes. But yes we can give ourselves to a lot of things.

We can laugh at our stupidity, we can laugh at our foolishness, but trust me there is nothing as powerful as musing about love.

So breathe, laugh and enjoy! So here are the things that make us want to fall in love.

It is within us

Yes whether you like it or not, there is so much love within us we just have to share, we just have to show love, and we just have to care.

It is about why and acceptance

Why we live, why we have a career, why we wake up to step out the door, and why we search for those things that may be evasive – you can’t escape from being emotional. We just want to be accepted by others.

There is something about beauty

And yes love is beautiful. It could hurt if you are not loved back, but trust me when it is given to the right person and returned, love is beautiful.

It is scary

Yes humans would worry and be anxious. But that is one essence of existence. We like to be challenged and be pumped up. Life would be boring and perhaps static if there were no things like love to keep us going.

There is something to laugh at.

Yes love makes us do stupid things!