5 Reasons Why Having so Many Options is Not Always Best

When it comes to relationships, there is presently an increasing sense of insecurity even among people who have been together for so long. Some people call it a trend as though it is something that will pass after a while but it seems it has come to stay.

It’s crazy how most people feel it is safer to date more than one person than concentrate on building a single relationship at a time.

While I can’t tell what the basic reason  for this is, some of the contributing factors include anxiety, fear, boredom and a couple of bad experiences that came with being true to one person in the past.

Most people go into relationships without even defining what they want or what is expected of them so in order to avoid being committed and escape the drama that entails being with just one person, they keep multiple relationships at a time.

What is most interesting and quite upsetting about these weird love triangles is the fact that in most cases, everybody gets hurt and there is much that is lost.

Having so many options gets you confused

You may think you have your emotions in check but you don’t, at least not entirely. In your head you may have it all figured out but in reality you don’t have that much control over who your heart chooses in the end.

Spending time with anyone at all means that you are being influenced to some extent by such a person. Trust me; you don’t want to keep anyone you are not sure of.

It makes you trust others less

Just because you had certain bitter experiences, it doesn’t mean everyone is also being unfaithful but again that is hard to believe for someone who is convinced that is the only way to go about dating.

The danger in having such a false orientation concerning relationships is it keeps you in perpetual fear and worries even when your partner is being faithful. You trust no one and that in itself is enough to cost you your relationship.

It is usually a waste of time

Keeping a relationship entails time, resources and some effort.  Before you become superman or superwoman let’s first consider all the time and resources  you will invest,not forgetting the energy you will be distributing in all your relationships.

Won’t it be wise to focus and build one, giving it all you got!  That way it has more chances of surviving.

It is very risky

There is so much at stake when we talk about romance and intimacy with more than one partner at a time. It is unhealthy and often risky despite the amount of protection you may think you have. You will be putting yourself out there and in the end, you may have so many regrets.

Your body isn’t  only made for all kinds of experimentation. It is meant to be treasured and protected and loved by people who really want to stay  with you no matter what happens.

It is going to get really hard to settle down

It is usually fun playing the role of the Casanova for a while but it gets tiring eventually.  When you practice something for a while it simply becomes a habit and just so you know, bad habits are more difficult to let go of.

You are always going to want more even when you love the person you have settled down with. You are going to always wonder what you are missing even when you’ve got all you want.


It’s okay when you are not the person being played but it’s really painful when the tables turn.