What it Really Means to Love Someone You Can’t See

Don’t be deceived, there is no easy way around this. It is hard, really hard to love and remain committed to a person so far away.

It is really difficult but not impossible.

Communication is all you’ve got and even that is never enough. Thank God for all the social media platforms that affords you video calls and really long voice calls but of what importance is seeing a person you can touch.

You will be frustrated I can guarantee you that. You will get to a point where you wake up every day and search for a tiny reminder that you love someone somewhere far away and you will not find any.

This is not for the faint-hearted

This is a path not everyone can thread on. It is a path for the strong willed and the brave.

You will be embraced by quietness and the deafening silence will be the only companion at your dinner table.

This is for the independent

There is no use embarking on a journey you won’t finish. Relationships are not only for experimental purposes. There are times you really want it to work so you have to do all it takes.

You will hear some really nasty comments but you have to keep all the negative energy aside and focus on the person you fell in love with. It is the strength of what you both share that will help you discern.

You need to create your own security

He or she won’t be there to hug you tight or give you a fore-head kiss to reassure you that everything is okay for every time you got suspicious or felt insecure. Your security becomes your job. You have to convince yourself that he or she is faithful and committed to you even in their weakest moments.

If you can’t vouch for him or her, then there is no use being in the relationship. It will only cause you unnecessary worries

There’s only room for a wild imagination

Romance is definitely going to be out of your options. There’s no sex, no cuddling or caressing of any kind. No long French kisses or lingering hugs. No dinner by the beach or fancy restaurants. There will be no steaming Jacuzzi baths or quickies neither in the kitchen nor in the back seat of the car.

You are on your own. All your urges and cravings will have to be ignored because all you have is a wild imagination with no reality.

You have to be very informed

One of the easiest ways to get through a long distance relationship is to always be informed. You need to know what goes on in their world, every detail. I am not insinuating that you monitor every move he or she makes but the information helps in keeping you occupied.

Ask the important and stupid questions if that makes you feel appreciated and keeps you involved. The moment that consistent communication seizes, the relationship heads for the rocks.

It takes time to learn

It’s a lonely road; believe me you will need to take a step with every passing day. You will need all the necessary time to convince yourself that you are willing to go through with your decision else you won’t last long.

Get all that could serve as a comfort and solace to you; everything that keeps his or her memory fresh, maybe pictures or clothes. Something that keeps you close so the distance is not felt so much.


Sometimes the farthest person may be felt closer than the person nearest to us. Distance isn’t a barrier when you are true to each other. Don’t give up!