What Makes Us End Relationships

Not all relationships are meant to be successful. There are lot of concerns that could stand in your way of having an ideal relationship. But ultimately if we are not getting better or attaining more happiness in a relationship, then it may be time to call it quits. Here are some pointers on why we end relationships.

We wanted a voice in the relationship

The relationship wasn’t about them, it was also about you. You wanted freedom. You wanted independence and an identity in the relationship. But unfortunately you never had that.

The relationship was heading nowhere

Every relationship should have goals and a direction. But what if it was headed nowhere and you never saw possibilities in sight? No one really wants to be stuck and be on a ship that wasn’t sailing anywhere.

You had so many high standards

And this is not wrong. There are some things we simply can’t tolerate from another person. Possibly we discerned certain traits in a partner that wouldn’t work for us in the long term.

They never supported your goals

Yes they could have been toxic and unreceptive about those things you wanted to accomplish together with them. Surely you need someone who sees you regardless of your flaws and helps you pursue your goals and dreams.

You wanted more

There is nothing wrong with change, right? Yes you desired more. Perhaps you grew, you evolved and you became better. Surely you knew with that growth and personal improvement you could ask for more from your relationships.

There were no new experiences

The relationship became boring. There were no new moments to look forward to. Of course there is excitement in making new discoveries or having new perspectives. Logically, such motivates you to invest energy and resources. But what if you didn’t have those adventures and laughter anymore?

You felt unfulfilled in the relationship

Relationships should offer fulfillment. There should be something in it that makes you richer and safer. If you are not going to be fulfilled in a relationship, perhaps it is time to step back and look for newer grounds.

It may have required so much work

The relationship may have required so much energy and commitment we couldn’t offer. Of course, it takes effort to make a relationship work, and if we don’t have such energy it may mean we walk away. Not everyone can deal with the stress that comes with certain relationships anyways.

The other person wasn’t willing to compromise

It takes sacrifice to get the best of another person. But what if you couldn’t compromise or they couldn’t compromise as well? Yes there will be demands or questions you will ask from the other person, what if they couldn’t give something extra to ensure the progress of the relationship?

Love was no longer a priority

Love could be a sustaining factor. And be the thread that keeps a relationship alive. Love should be priority. But as selfish creatures other things could take center stage and cause a divide in a relationship.

There was no longer chemistry

There has to be a connection for a relationship to be sustained. But what if the connection you once had is no longer shared. Perhaps it was lack of communication, perhaps it was distance, perhaps you lost attraction for the other person.


There is always a time you know a relationship wouldn’t lead to greater things. Perhaps you were not the one for them and they were not for you. However your personal happiness is essential if you want to be the right partner for someone. So don’t hurt, know that you will do better.