You Can Be Content And Not Happy!

I really pray this hits you right in the head the way it hit me.

Most times we don’t even know if we are living or not, I thought I was doing just fine until someone else pointed out the reality to me.

Now this reality I talk about wasn’t too far from what I was looking at, no! It was right there staring at me in my face. But I was not seeing it.

I think somehow I unconsciously closed my eyes and I was fine.

 I wasn’t looking so there was nothing to see


Mind you I didn’t know my eyes were closed at all until someone who saw me staggering as I walked pointed it out to me.

Trust me I was stunned at how unconscious I was but again we get numb to that point where we lose our very consciousness.

I hope this wakes you up!

Smiling doesn’t mean you are fine

I can’t tell you that there was a day in my life that I didn’t smile or even laugh hard at a joke. I thought I was fine because I wasn’t moody or depressed or locked up in a room going through rehab.

I kept looking at the extremes, thinking I had to be in a really sad situation to be unhappy but the truth was that I was just going through everyday not knowing what happiness was or what sadness felt like.

I was neither; I was content!

Being comfortable doesn’t make you fulfilled

We have a lot of people around us who have settled for what was far below what they wanted from life. Sometimes we get dragged into the same level of convenience.

Just because you can pay some bills and you are nobody’s burden doesn’t mean you are doing all that you can with your life. There’s so much more that you can achieve.

Being average isn’t what you are here for.

There’s no true happiness without money

We can’t run around this truth, so here it goes; with more money comes more options and with more opportunities comes more freedom.

With more freedom comes more experiences and more experiences translates to true happiness. Now that’s living!

You can’t be truly happy when you are too content

This happens in two ways. It’s either you block every opportunity of growing and self development from the inside or you avoid every influence that comes from the outside.

When there is no competition and no challenge, there’s no need to improve on you.

Happiness is only experienced when you try and fail and then eventually succeed. When there is no attempt, there’s absolutely no happiness.

You need to be frustrated at every point

There has to be a frustrating hunger to propel you from your comfort to where you ought to be. If that hunger doesn’t exist, there is nothing to satisfy.

Don’t get me wrong, yes success is a repetition of all the right steps until you get to your desired destination and while you are at it, you need to have gratitude so you are not frustrated with your efforts.

What you need to be more careful about is the point of settling. To be truly happy, you need to be frustrated with anything less than your expected results.

You need to prefer to go back and start from the beginning than stop on the way.



We don’t all want the same things in life but we all want the best life has to offer. When you stay content, you shut out your chances of being truly happy.

You may be happy now but believe me, you can be the happiest!