7 Positive Ways to Get Over a Messy Break-up

Well you never saw this one coming, did you?

Maybe you had a hunch or a sign but you chose to ignore it. You believed only the best could come out from this relationship but the worst was all that came from it.

It’s happening again, all your fears and insecurities are rushing back. You are blaming everyone and everything and worse, you can’t give yourself a break.

Another relationship bit the bullet but it is not the end as you think; it is in fact the beginning of something new.

So don’t panic. You have been here before and even if you didn’t make it through unscathed, you learned something important.

You can get past this split and move on but there are a few things you’re going to do. It won’t be entirely pretty, but don’t be ashamed because this is what shapes you for the best.


Talk about it

When I say talk about it, I don’t mean you should recount all the horrible experiences and how much time you have lost chasing shadows; no!

Instead think of the good times you shared, the laughter and the things you learned from that person. Leaning towards the positive reduces the hurt and regrets. Most importantly, there is always a chance for reconciliation and a healthy interaction afterwards.

Get a revenge body

For most people they find solace only by shoving down bowls of ice-cream with frostings of different kinds Comfort cannot only be found when you shovel deep fried goodness down your throat.

You will end up lazy, fat and more depressed.

Why don’t we take all that negative energy and hit the gym. You lost them but you can’t lose you too! Do what is necessary for a better physical appearance and don’t stop till you are satisfied with your results.

Replace the depressing songs with an uplifting content.

You don’t have to listen to every sad song on the planet before you can convince yourself that you are hurt. That’s a fact but it shouldn’t stay that way. You should be busy mending your heart and not hurting yourself more. This isn’t a moment to dive in your weaknesses; it is time to build your strength.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity prepare your heart. Be optimistic and intentional about having better the next time you give someone else s chance.

Stay celibate for a while

A lot of people have made grievous mistakes just because they thought banging another person was the best and quickest way to feel good about themselves again.

You don’t want to get trapped in another messy relationship. Being vulnerable at this point is not the best idea. Keep yourself till you find someone else who is worth it.


 Go somewhere happy and fun

Pack up your problems, bag them and head for the beach or the Caribbean islands. Meet completely new people and make sure you don’t pass up on a dance.

Eat only the daring dishes and laugh at every joke. It won’t be long before you forget all about your pain.

If you can’t afford a vacation, make sure you go to your happy place. Let your dashed hopes and dreams be restored.

Stay sober

You must understand that drowning yourself in alcohol doesn’t make the hurt disappear; it actually clouds your thinking and leads you to more risky situations.

Yes, your significant other is gone but you can’t replace them with a bottle of Whiskey or Vodka.

You must be deliberate about protecting yourself from anything that takes the power out of your hands.


Getting out of a messy relationship can take the very essence of living away. But it leads to the best when you stay positive.