11 Daring Goals To Attain Before You Turn 30

This is for the dare-devils. Are you that person who doesn’t admire the conventional way of living? You want to set goals and achieve them at every point of your life not caring about how crazy your ideas may sound?

The time is now!

This could be the most adventurous or the most demanding time of your life.

This is the phase in life when most people get to discover what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Trust me this is when most people make costly mistakes while others discover the very essence of living.

This is the time when your opinion is the most important. It’s more than what your parents or your peers think. You owe it to your future to trust your guts and follow your heart and every imagination that springs out of your mind.

#Travel to unknown destination

Tell no one where you are heading. Okay to be on a safe side; tell your closest friend in case you don’t return within the speculated time. It may be a road trip or a hike with camps and fires. Whatever you do, make sure you have the most fun.

#Read 30 books before you clock 30

You can’t over emphasize the importance of being exposed when it comes to knowledge and the magic that comes from the pages of each book. Not many can boost of this achievement even in their graves.

#Create your own menu

Eating is what you do every single day of your life. Have you ever thought of creating your own menu of your favorite foods and even try out a few experimental recipes? You should totally do that!

#Take up a menial job

I know we all have this dream of doing everything that takes us from being broke to being wealthy. We are always aimed at moving forward but sometimes we learn life’s best lessons when we move backwards. Do it for fun. Do it for charity.

#Buy something very expensive for yourself

It doesn’t matter what you end up buying just make sure you have an insanely crazy budget and don’t look back. Think of it as a treat for yourself or a celebration of life. You deserve it!

#Attempt to break a record

It mustn’t be a world record. It could be a family record or in your school or city. Be the first to do something; it mustn’t even be spectacular, just be the first to do it.

#Attempt to make your first million

You will need money for almost everything in your life so it’s best you start making a whole a lot of it.

#Learn a very challenging skill

Do something way out of your league and be very passionate about it. Don’t quit no matter how difficult it gets. Make sure you get to the very end.

#Fall madly in love

Don’t just date anyone just because you don’t want to look odd. Find that person that means the world to you. Stop holding on to your heart, it’s boring!

#Volunteer for a good cause

There’s no fulfillment when all you do is just for yourself. Learn to give back to the world.  Give your energy and resources for a good cause. Put a smile on someone’s face.

#Move out and live on your own

You don’t have to wait till you build a luxury apartment before you become responsible to live on your own. Get out of your comfort and explore what the real world is all about.

You could start small and it may be tough but you will make it.