This is How to Finish 2017 On a High

The year is gradually coming to a close. As it winds down, it is always important to look back and reflect. It is important to know if you made it count or not.

You shouldn’t regret your actions. You should learn. You should know how to make the final days of 2017 count and set you in motion for a New Year. Of course you may not have achieved your goals, but there is still time to hunt and attain those results you always desired. Here is how to finish 2017 on a high.


There is no winning without gratitude. There really is no victory without appreciating the efforts you have made so far. You should be grateful for great friends, your health and for attaining certain milestones whatever they may be.


Who says you can’t push in the next couple of days. Strategically push for those things that can still be attained. Be realistic and don’t procrastinate.


Winners plan. So write those things you still want to do and get them done. Be sure you would them and it will be worth your effort anyways.


It doesn’t have to be a strenuous or physical thing to get a better body, it is always about exercising the mind. Making sure your mind is challenged or tested. You need to read if you have to. You need to get out of the chair and take that walk if you have to.


What went right? What went wrong? What could you have done better? What held you back from being better? How will answering these questions put you in top gear for facing the remaining days of 2017?


You deserve it. You shouldn’t consume yourself about the mistakes you’ve made. Don’t make excuses. Be responsible and look ahead with optimism. So laugh and be of good cheer. Know that if your mind sets out for something big, it will definitely reach it. So laugh a little and take advantage of the reasons you have to smile.


Sometimes you are strengthened by those you have around you. So associate with the persons who make you stronger, smarter and happier. Let them bring out that sparkle in you. You would be finishing 2017 on a high if you are taking advantage of better and smarter relationships.


Yes make those hours and days count by putting in the work. Yes it could mean working smarter and being more strategic, but make sure you work and sweat for those things you truly want. Don’t be deterred by those who tell you no or those things that pose as obstacles. It is in you to win and your biggest obstacles are from within. But you are the one to make that choice of how you would get to that place that brings you greatest joy.


Just like with gratitude, 2017 will end remarkably for you if you have learned to share, if you have learned to give. There is always something to give. You shouldn’t limit yourself from giving. You would show dignity and value when you give to others.


Yes listen to your guts, listen to your environment, listen to those who care and truly know what could make you soar. You really won’t attain much if you are dogmatic. While it is important to be resolute, you should be also open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. At the end of the day who you listen to and what you listen to could save you loads of energy and anxiety.