Read This If You Are Struggling With How to Love

There are those times when love is not a sweet sensation felt in your body. Those times when the butterflies disappear and there is almost an emptiness deep down inside you. You wish you never got involved, but it’s too late to back out.

I am talking of moments when there is no sparkle in his or her eyes or maybe it’s still there but you don’t want to look at them so you can’t see.

These are the times when you wish you didn’t have to make some hard decisions in your relationship but you are left with no option. You have to do what you must or let all you have built crumble to the ground.

In these moments, love is not just emotion. It is not a tale with fairy god-mothers swinging magic wands and making the hard times disappear.

It is a struggle and a fight to make it work.

Love is strength

You need to be strong to love another person despite his or her flaws. You need strength to carry on even on a rough road. In times when their weaknesses are dominant, you ought to stay strong. When they give up, it is your duty to carry them to the end of the road.

Love is a compromise

You may think you will wait until you find that person that fits your specification but most times it isn’t possible. I wouldn’t call it settling but somewhere along the line, you will have to forego some of your fantasies for what is real.

Love sometimes takes you to places you never thought you would go; places you thought were beneath you. Don’t fight it; there is nothing to be ashamed of if that is what you really want.

Love is endurance

Yes love is meant to be pleasant but it could also cause you so much pain. We may not all have the same stories of how our love life is a bed of roses, some may have some thorns but it is always worth it in the end.

The truth is those bad times you sometimes endure makes you stronger. If it was easy all the way trust me you will have nothing keeping you together.

So embrace and stand through the hard times.

Love is silence

This is for all the times you have all the right responses but you know they will cause nothing but pain to the person listening. This is when you need to struggle to hold your tongue for peace to reign.

You can’t always be right even when you are. It is not a contest! It doesn’t matter who wins if it doesn’t work out.

Love is faith

When everybody loses hope and it feels like nothing good is coming, you need to believe in the person you love. You have to trust his or her abilities and see the picture they see in the future.

Loving a person isn’t only celebrating their success but spurring them to greater heights as well.

Love is self-control

Being angry isn’t the worst thing that could happen; it is your inability to control your rage that leads to most regrets in your relationship. Love doesn’t only manifest in the happy times, it should also be evident when you do not agree with each other.

When there is a provocation, love is what should calm you down.

Love is forgiveness

Love keeps no record of wrong. This is easier said than done especially when you have been deeply offended.  No one is perfect so you can’t expect to be pleased all the time.

Loving a person entails forgiving whole-heartedly without seeking for opportunities to payback.