6 Surefire Ways to Deal with Criticism

This is for all the times you felt stupid for following your heart and using your discretion. This is for all those moments when you felt like the most irrelevant person alive simply because you followed your instincts. This is so that you keep believing in yourself no matter what anyone says.

In life we get to a point where we want to feel responsible not just for ourselves but for the people around us. We want to take up a challenge and figure it out all by ourselves with no help and in the end still do a good job.

We want people’s approval; a “thumbs up” maybe or a pat on the shoulder. Something that says the people around us believe in us but it is important to know that a satisfactory life is not only sustained by approval but also by criticism.

Criticism may not be pleasant in any way, but it is necessary.

So from now henceforth this is what you should do.

Have a long laugh

As ridiculous as this may sound it is actually at good starting point at handling criticism and bringing out the best results out of a somewhat ugly situation. Look for the humor in your mistakes and instead of taking it to heart, have a long satisfying laugh. I bet you’ll feel less offended.

Welcome and accept criticism

Sometimes it is at a point where we are most vulnerable that we are criticized and that hurts a lot. So I’ll like to you to compare criticism with the pain in the human body.

Though it hurts so much it is needful because it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things.  It is a warning that if it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is ignored or suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop when you least expect.

So get ready to be criticized, welcome it because it will be to your benefit eventually.

Learn from it

We all want everyone to be honest with us but at the same time we will rather be drowned in praise than be saved by criticism. That’s often the reason why we are stuck when the world forges ahead.

Keeping your head up and staying strong when you were supposed to be beat down and frustrated is enough credit.

Learn to approach your life from a positive light at all times and that will help you to see the good in seemly terrible situations. No matter what, there is always a flip side to every criticism. Find it and get what it has to offer.

Forget it

After you must have done all that is stated above, drop it into the trash and forget about it.

Sometimes the criticism of others is nothing but an oblique form of self-commendation and that is why it shouldn’t be kept for too long.

There are people who only paint out a clear problem, never a solution. It is easier to be criticized when you are not understood and since no one can completely understand you, you best pay it no mind.

Don’t be distracted

The pressure of being criticized takes away from us the pleasure of appreciating how long we have come and the beautiful things around us.

It doesn’t matter how hard the road to success is as long as you don’t lose focus you will surely get to the top.
It’s easy to criticize and seek to destroy an act of creation but it’s a lot more difficult to perform one so keep up the good work.


It takes understanding and forgiveness to still be around your critics. Don’t make it a burden rather let it go.