What If We Are Not Good Enough For Them

And it hurts. Because we tried to be their perfect match. We tried to make the relationship work. We tried to make them happy. We tried to be there for them. We tried to prove so many people wrong. But unfortunately all we did was not good enough. And that could make us feel bad. Because we loved them, and like everyone they were with we deserved a chance. We deserved to always be there in their world. But they just didn’t see it that way. You need though to keep these things in mind if we were not good enough for them.

Everyone deserves a chance

Everyone really does deserve a chance. But not everyone will give you a chance. Some people simply scoff at the idea. They think they would find something better out there. And your ‘goodness’ is not what they really need. But if you gave them a chance and they couldn’t see the beauty inside you, it is their loss. It is time to find someone who would give you that chance and make it count! Stop doubting yourself. It is time to give yourself a chance also.

They may just have an exotic taste

Don’t blame them. Sometimes they are just perfectionist and nothing good will ever be pleasant for them. They tend to set a bar very few can reach. And perhaps they have double standards since they can’t even reach this bar on their own. Everyone has different desires and you won’t blame them if you never suited their plans.

You should be good enough for yourself

Trust me happiness is within and it doesn’t depend on anyone. So don’t doubt yourself. Your goodness is a light other people will come to see and appreciate. In fact it is an attraction that will bring others to you. So don’t fuss about it, something better is waiting for you.

What is goodness after all

It means nothing. If they feel you are not good enough for them, then it wasn’t meant to be. Your goodness was simply a distraction for them. Perhaps they desired something wild and worldly. They could simply be blind to what makes you tick. You couldn’t have done better. Being good was your best and it didn’t have to change everything, but instead it was meant to make you understand what being better means or requires.

We can’t be good enough for everyone

Take it from me, not everyone will like you. It is an unfair world, the person you may be attracted to may not really like you. And your goodness may not really count for that person.

You need to stop expecting anything in return

And that is a sad truth. Because we live in a world where people are unthankful and what good you have done for them may not simply count. So stop expecting anything in return. Your desires and emotions would seem vain if you expected anything in return.

Your goodness is enough for you

Don’t underestimate or overestimate what your goodness is. It should be a map to finding those things that would be great for you. It should be a lamp that presents a light that will set you on the right path. Don’t feel bad about your goodness, it should make you strong and keep going on the journey that will give you those things you truly desire.