10 Reasons Self-Love Is The Best Love Ever

Love is a feeling. As complicated as we try to make it sound, it is just an emotion that come and go. One minute you are running crazy about someone and the next you just can’t stand the person.

As important as it is to love and keep other people in our lives, the most important person to love is you. There is absolutely nothing selfish about that.

You have to love you to that point where you are content and comfortable when you are expected to feel lonely and alone. This is not just about accepting yourself for who you are or being comfortable in your skin. It is about building a love so pure for yourself that it supersedes what anyone else can offer you.

Self- love is maturity

As you begin to love yourself deeper, it helps you see how much is already at your disposal and that keeps you from craving for a different life. Only then will you see that everything that surrounded you is inviting you to grow into the very person you are meant to be.

Self-love means power

There is no greater force than the one that is generated from within. You will find that you no longer need to fear arguments, ideologies, philosophies, confrontations or any kind of drama with yourself and others.

This is a strong will that comes with the discovery that it is more important to love the person living inside your skin than to create a flawless facade pleasing only on the outside.

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. It drives all other relationships. When this is achieved, there is no stopping you!

Self- love is inspiring

You can never know how much inspiration flows from you until you look from within. When everything around you looks discouraging and hopeless, there is always a new thing lurking on the inside.

Self-love is liberating

Feel free to break away from dependency. Enjoy the peace that is found in knowing you have all the love you will ever need to survive all the days of your life.

The moment you fall deeply in love with you, you will understand that anguish and emotional suffering are only signs that tell you not to lose your freedom.

Self-love is reciprocal

The way you treat and cherish you is the same way others will too. You take the lessons and they watch and learn. It is your job to set the standards.

Self-love brings healing

The realization that your imperfections and flaws are beautiful is what brings forgiveness. Letting yourself be forgiven is one of the most difficult healing you will undertake and one of the most fruitful.

Self-love is long life

No one ever lived long by running around trying to get everyone’s approval. The only place such pursuit leads to is exhaustion and fulfillment. Focus on one person (you) and make every moment count. That way the world won’t be able to deny your awesomeness.

Self- love prevents disappointments

No one will love you perfectly. They can only try to meet your expectations so don’t be too surprised when they fail.

Self-love shields you from disappointments and keeps you from being broken.

Self-love is beauty

You are beautiful the moment you are convinced of this truth regardless of what anybody else thinks. Your true beauty is expressed when all parts of you is embraced and celebrated.
You are beautiful because you believe it.

Self-love is a duty to yourself

You owe it to yourself to be apologetically fascinated and thrilled with who you are. Take that job seriously because in the end, it is what determines the very life you live!