Sometimes We Only Find The Best When We Hold On

I was talking with a friend and she was telling me how it was so easy to end a relationship these days and move on. Yes, sometimes it is a better option to kill something we feel is not working. However the internet and blogs are littered with how to move on and walk away. We want to be happy. And in a digital age, not many things are forgiving. We have so many options and it is so easy to swipe and try something else.

But that could be a problem. Amidst abundance we could find futility. Amidst abundance we could find reasons not to try or give that failing relationship just one more try.

No one is saying you shouldn’t throw in the towel and search for something better if a relationship is not working. But is there always something better? Because everyone comes with their imperfections. Everyone comes with their failings.

Sometimes we are the problem

And we simply need to act better. We have to stand up and show that we are bigger person. Perhaps we should be the model the other person in the relationship should look up to. Why should we allow someone we used to care about look elsewhere?

Sometimes it’s just fear

And yes it could mean we are simply afraid and we have the guts to face our demons or nightmares. Sometimes we walk away from a relationship because we lack the courage to take the bull by the horn and address elephant in the room.

Sometimes it’s just our fantasies

The media and advertising world sells us the utopian world where it can all be perfect. But that’s not how the real world works. There would always be another person out there to break your heart. Yes there could be another person who would be happy to mend your heart, but for every one person who could do you right, there is also another person who could do you wrong. And it could just be your fantasies that are awakened when you want to move on.

Maybe you simply need to fix things

Trust me some things can still be fixed. Some people can still be fixed. Maybe it is not time for us to give up on them yet. Maybe they need our help. It is hard for some people to figure out who they really are and what they are doing wrong. Maybe we need to understand and communicate with them. If we really care about them these are not difficult things to do.

It will always be right

Even if we have to walk away, it doesn’t have to end in a sour way. It doesn’t have to end in bitterness and resentment. There is a future and maybe in that future things will be ideal. In that future we could have that person who rejected our love give it to us in awesome ways. So yes it will be right, you just have to believe and be optimistic.


Moving on could still be cool. As we grow older, we may just not have that tolerance and emotional stamina to keep trying to fix things. It may just be better to find happiness alone. It may just be ideal to find someone who would appreciate our love and be there for us. We all have unique situations and who knows what will work best for us?