Sometimes We Find The Best When We Move On

There is always this really awesome person in our past that we never thought we could live without. The one we missed out on, the one that got away. No matter how hard we tried, there was always something wrong. Something we couldn’t fix because we never fully understood what the problem was.

As you struggle every day to accept the awful reality of not being together you often get stuck to a point. It is almost like you are waiting for that person to change his or her mind. Waiting for the moment he or she will open their eyes and realize that you are the best for them.

You are conscious of the fact that this may be the end but you can’t just stop yourself from hoping for another chance.

Sometimes what you don’t realize is the more time you spend trying to recover what is lost already; the more you are missing out on something far better.

The future has more to offer than the past

Don’t get me wrong we’ve all had wonderful days with beautiful memories. Days we wish we could repeat over and over again but that’s now in the past. They are just memories now, nothing more.

The future on the other hand cannot be predicted. You have had good days, but the future holds better days and even your best days.

Henceforth instead of drooling and being upset about a past you can’t change, focus on creating better, beautiful and more fascinating memories with the next person that comes your way.

There is more to learn

Just because you were so compatible with the last person you dated doesn’t mean you won’t find another who you are far more compatible with. The last person I dated made me feel like I could be anyone I wanted to be and that was such an inspiration. When we split I missed that about him so much but I knew it could only get better with the next person and it did!

The person I am currently dating doesn’t only inspire me to do more and be a better person, he holds my hand and supports me in every step I take.

I had a good man before but I now have better man. Trust me it only gets better when you don’t settle for less.

You get to experience a different variety

You’ve heard people say, you will never know what you have except you lose it. I always add by saying you will never know what else you can find except you let go. A lot of people have endured terrible experiences just because they don’t want to be left alone.

Who says you are going to be alone? You need to break away from that fear of abandonment. It is only when you step out that you can experience a new thing. Life without variety is a complete bore.

You can’t save what has been lost

Sometimes relationships don’t stay strong after a bond has been broken. The offender may have been forgiven but there is always that high level of suspicion and distrust.

This is not a call to quit the good fight of love; it is a call to be honest with yourself. Can you truly forgive and put the past in the past? If not it is best you free yourself and the other person.

Love is meant to be pleasurable and a sweet comfort, nothing less!

You can’t keep someone who doesn’t want to stay

You may feel you have worked so hard on a person; grooming him or her to your taste and finally when you ought to enjoy the fruits of your labor, they simply just disappear.

As painful as that is, it only gets worst when you force a person to stay. Let them go and if they are really yours they will return. If not they will remain grateful and you will have your peace.