Maybe They’re Just Too Selfish to Commit

That’s it. Maybe they are just too selfish and caught up in their world to give you their best or show you the right emotions. You won’t blame them. You just wouldn’t want to upset another’s plan because you have promised them the world. They may have figured out that part and believe they could do just fine on their own before you came into their world. It is just how it works!

But don’t be worried about their selfishness. You should instead understand their selfish mentality and know if you are willing to take a step further or not. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are trying to win the heart of a solo thinker.

It is important to identify who you are

Before you met someone they existed and you existed as well. It may not be that they are just too selfish, it may be that you have to find ways to merge characters, personalities, desires and interests or you end up getting lost and co-dependent in the relationship. It is important to identify who you are and what you can offer them. Yes they may be too selfish to commit, but even then there are things you could offer a solo-thinker.

Maybe they are just too afraid to let go

You won’t blame them if they are afraid to give you a chance and get all in with you. It may be they have been broken before and they find it hard to trust and be on the same page with another partner. You won’t blame them if they can’t see the beauty of the future you are offering them. You just have to hang in there and offer them the courage to be with you.

Maybe they are just stuck

We all get stuck sometimes. We are trying to find out those things we truly want or desire. And yes they could be on a journey of discovery. They may be too selfish to commit because they are not clear about what they truly want. This may need some patience or time. You either have to help them find out or wait for them to find out.

Maybe they want a whole lot

And you won’t blame them for that. Everyone has standards and expectations. But what if their expectations are so high? They really want something that will really be worth their energy and time. If it isn’t worth it, it may not be what they want to get caught up in.

Maybe they see relationships in a different light

We all have different philosophies. And perhaps they think a relationship is a turf where they meet all their wants. They would simply burden you and crush you with their demands. Committing can be hard when you have a terrible philosophy about falling or being in love.


Don’t blame anyone for their lack of will to commit. It is getting more difficult to fall in love and being the right partner. It just so seems easy to opt out and look the other way. Maybe being selfish is not such a bad idea after all.