This is What it Means to Live Life To The Fullest

It’s a few minutes to 1am and I swear I was sleepy just a few minutes ago but it felt like something kept me awake.

I had no idea what it was but I knew and this time I was just sure it was strong.

So I am going through my achievements for the day and might I add that today wasn’t really one of my best days but I do have a habit of being grateful and that helps a lot in getting through my bad days.

I decide to go through my Facebook wall for the last time and there it was; the picture of my class mate in high school, a young and ambitious man, full of potential, handsome with the voice of an angel but all that was gone.


And there it hit me like a cold and vivid reminder that nothing matters anymore if you are not alive. I know no one likes talking about dying and so I am just going to focus on why you should really live your life to the fullest now that you can.

With life comes possibilities

You can think of anything and accomplishing it might seem so difficult but as long as you are alive there is actually something that could happen. It doesn’t matter where you are now as long as you are on the way.

It is time to open your eyes and see the privileges awarded you for just being alive. Whatever you ever dreamed of becoming is not an impossibility at all. When you begin to see life as your best asset and use it as an advantage, other challenges will be considered less.

With life comes the consciousness and ability to choose

Your ability to make a decision every day of your life is what has affected your past, currently shaping your present and will definitely create your future.

Imagine that ability to choose was taken away from you; it will definitely be a pitiful sight to not a have a mind of your own.

It is not how many terrible choices you have made that you should focus on instead explore the ability by making choices that count.

You are still alive and that’s all that you need.

With life you can have all pleasures

The fact that you can feel pleasure and have fun should be enough reason for you to dive neck deep into what you enjoy doing.

Stop looking for other people’s approval and start living on the edge because you can and you should.

There is no point wasting any more time.

Relax, bond and mingle. Fall madly in love and eat to your satisfaction. Laugh till your lungs hurt and do only what makes you happy.

With life you can correct your mistakes

You only have one lifetime and it is certainly not to drown in self-pity and regrets. There is no situation that has gone beyond its salvage point.

Throw away the pride and take responsibility for your actions. Reconcile, hug and make up what was broken.

All that you think was stopping you because irrelevant the moment you stop existing.

With life comes hope

Hope is one of the most precious gifts that life gives us every waking moment. With hope you are confident that even the worst of all situations is bound to come to an end.

There will always be a bright sun shining after the storm and though you can’t see a sign, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Just hang in there.

Being alive may not make you feel special or unique but it is the most important thing you have.
Cherish your life and make it count.